Sunday, February 19, 2012


The past two nights of Operation Detox have not been as great as the 2nd night but better than it has been before. While we cut off milk around 7, he still managed to wake up with a soaking wet diaper which then led to changing his jammies and a wide awake little boy who wanted to party.

Friday was a tantrum of epic proportions. It was more so because he wanted to be in our bed than the no milk. I'm trying to be strong and it's not easy but I stayed consistent, even when he pleaded and begged, "Just a little bit of milk, plllllllllleeeeeasssssse!"

Last night it happened again but daddy took over and things went smoothly (which is so not fair!) but then a slight miracle happened.

 Something that never has happened in our house before.

 He woke up (and not at the butt crack of dawn!) and stayed in his room, playing quietly. The door was wide open with him free to roam the house and come wake us up but he didn't. He stayed in there and played. This might be something that many kids do and have done before but not my kid. He would wake up roaring waking anyone in his path.

I slept till 8 am and it was pure heaven.

I think he would have played longer but I went in his room to make sure no one swapped my kid with another.

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kyna... said...

Alright Brady!! Woo hoo! It sounds like it's getting there! Keep me updated! I'll be thinking about ya!
♥ Kyna
P.s- we just got a white noise app on our phones and have been playing that in Ellie's room the past couple of nights...and she has been sleeping pretty darn I am keeping my fingers crossed for us as well!