Thursday, February 16, 2012

Randoms truths on a Thursday!

I got a new camera and am in camera heaven. I swear it is 1,000x's faster than my old camera and I kinda love it more than I should love an inanimate object. 

I love this kid and his quirky personality.

I do not love the fact that a broken banana or a misplaced train track leads to tears.

I also do not love the fact that he feels the need to party in the middle of the night. I am pretty sure my kid could win the award for being the crappiest sleeper but just for me! He can somehow sleep great for anyone else. Not cool, buddy!

He though, told me yesterday, "Momma, I love trucks!" which we knew already since he talks about them 345,309,393 times a day. I'm in the process getting started to redo his room in attempts to make him want to sleep in there. This process involves sheets with trucks on them.

Yes, I sometimes resort to bribery enticement.

I think that even though I had Monday off, this is the longest week ever.

Some days, I feel like this baby is dancing right on my cervix.

Cervix is a weird word once you say it a few times.

I ate so much food in Tunica and Memphis this weekend, I am pretty sure I gained 10 pounds.

Fried strawberries are the most amazing thing ever.

I wish I had one right now.

Actually, I'd like a whole order. One just wouldn't do it.

I had a nightmare dream last night I had a 12 pound baby.

We are starting potty training this weekend. I may chicken out.

I am starting to get into organizing mode but lack the energy to do it. I also have no idea what color I want to paint the baby's room.

Actually, I would like to blink and it all be done.

If I could have that power, I would blink and be at home right now and not at my desk. It would be bed time in fact.

I bought a mug that is 54 oz. I am hoping that by drinking water out of it everyday, I will have nice buff arms.

I have two more weeks until my repeat ultrasound (since my last one yielded crappy results) and I can't wait to see the little big booger again!

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