Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pray hard, my friends.

I've posted a little about lil miss Olivia before. Tomorrow, they move into the hospital for an unknown time. Olivia starts conditioning (radiation and chemo) for her bone marrow transplant. Please, send loads and loads prayers their way and pray for a safe and uneventful stay and that this cures her sweet little body. 

You can follow her journey, here. Every comment, every prayer and every encouraging word is needed right now. Reading her story will change you and if anything, I ask you during the Christmas season, take time to be thankful for the life you have, for the health of those you love and for the gift of parenthood.

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*K said...

I can't read her blog... it's much too hard for me to hear that anyone is going through what they are facing. I think about her often though and pray it all moves behind them very soon.