Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 weeks: Blissful

First of all, thank you all for your kind words, messages and everything. I have never felt more blessed than ever and while it may sound cliche, it's nothing short of the truth. I'm trying to get caught up on weekly posts, so here we go!

Last week, I had my NT ultrasound where they do some measurements and stuff to tell you some calculated risk for Downs Syndrome and Trisomy.   I wasn't going to do any genetic testing this time around after our experience with Brady but I wasn't going in for those results, I just wanted to see the baby again for my own selfish reasons. I just needed more validation that everything was okay which may or may not sounds nuts but after bleeding and cramping for over a week, I needed it. I would be okay with weekly ultrasounds if that were possible! I know this may sound funny but we swear that that baby has the same nose as Brady! I plan to do a comparison after our anatomy scan so we' shall see!
It was nothing short of amazing. I can tell you that the worry has never truly left my head though I think I knew deep down this baby was a fighter and was doing just fine. I know as a mom, it's hard not to worry and sometimes your head wins over your heart.

 I watched as the baby (I keep calling the baby a him just because it's what I'm used to but I go back and forth on my gut feelings. I was thinking girl up till this week and now I'm not sure.) move around like crazy doing somersaults and kicking those sweet little legs. At one point, he had them crossed and I almost melted right there! I almost forgot how amazing those ultrasounds are when they start looking like a baby and not a little sea horsey blob. I schedule my anatomy scan when I go in the first week of Jan and I'm so stinking excited.

I have not taken a single picture yet but that was more because of my own fear than anything else and hopefully will change that very soon. I swear I'm going to be HUGE this time around, not like I wasn't last time. I've already brought out the maternity pants and oh, my! I forgot how amazingly comfortable they are!

I stopped taking progesterone over the weekend, per doctors orders and I won't lie and say I'm not nervous about it.

At week 12:
 Morning sickness: None really. Some days I'm ready to eat a horse others I would just rather not eat.
Cravings: Food? Ha. I was really obsessed with Salads and ranch dressing and that one has still stuck around. Heartburn and well, just plain reflux has really been killing me this time around. I can't eat anything before I go to bed anymore or I pay for it in the morning but I'm ALWAYS starving around then!
Blue veiny highway? Check.
Exhaustion? Check. I'm hoping to get some energy back soon but I think the fact that my 2 year old is cutting several 2 year old molars right now has something to do with this. For reals.

 Baby: Looks like a baby! Cute little fingers and tiny little toes!

Brady's reaction: He has his own ultrasound picture the tech printed out for him that has his name on it. He found an older one this weekend and goes, "more baby' and went and grabbed the new one! When we ask him where the baby is, he points to my belly! I can't wait until they can meet! Until, then, we found a sweet little doll at Target for $3 that says, 'Little Brother.'


Lisa said...

So happy for you!! And you know...I started reading your blog with you were pregnant with Brady, a because you wrote the.funniest.shit about pregnancy!

Here's to round ! Be warned...it is different ;)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Thank goodness everything is going great now!!! I have been horrible about taking pictures with this one so I totally understand!!!! I am sooooo ready to be done and hold my baby, but now I am glad I can follow yours :)