Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Operation Evacuation

I've been wondering what kind of birth I was going to have with our next baby before we even thought about having another. Heck, I thought about it right after Brady was born! His birth was traumatic, along with recovery. Then, eight months later, I had to have an incisional hernia repair and could not pick up my chunky baby for over three weeks!

When the worry subsided a bit and hope was found, I started wondering how the hell I was going to get this baby out! I knew that sitting down and chatting with my doctor would ease my worries but in fact, while I feel more educated and more prepared on the worst case scenario, my head is still swirling due to the fact there is no real clear answer.

Another c-section for me means lots of risks. If I have another another c-section, she would have to cut through the mesh that was placed to repair the hernia. While we don't know for sure, there is a good chance I would have to go back later to have another hernia repair. Also, just the sheer fact that the mesh is there increases my risk for infection post partum. Awesome, right?  After Brady's birth, I had a lot of adhesion's that were removed during my hernia surgery and I'll spare you the details but the difference was night and day. I had a lot of stomach issues that miraculously went away after the surgery.

Then, to add to the fun, there is of course an increased risk for the hematoma since I had a wound complication the first time. At 12 days post partum, I was rushed to the hospital, not once but TWICE because my incision opened (and I was then separated from my brand new baby boy!) and I had to have gauze placed inside it until it closed. I had a home health nurse that visited everyday and then my lucky husband got to shove gauze into my stomach! He told me the other day, he was SO not doing that again! Yeah. That was loads of fun! I felt like my maternity leave was kinda of ruined and I really don't want to have to go through that again. Also, it was concerning that my platelets were low that I ran really close to requiring a blood transfusion. It was all traumatizing in a way for me and after a long talk with my OB, we discussed VBAC in great length.

So, that is the plan. To at least attempt this baby to come out without having to cut me open. We won't know till game time how this will play out and who knows how this will go. In terms of possible success, I'm smack dab in the middle but I did have a lot going against me last time. I was laboring well and both Brady and I were tolerating it well but just not dilating. My water had broke the night before and I was starting to spike a fever which is not good and I was rushed to the OR.  Everyone was at a loss in why this kid didn't want to come out. I laugh now because it is totally part of this kid's personality! He is still stubborn!

 I'll be honest, I'm downright terrified of how this will play out. I just have to pray it works out best for me and the baby but in the end, my main priority is bringing this baby into the world the safest way possible. I have to put a lot of my faith into something I can't control and wait which I know won't be easy. I do know that it will all be worth it. I have to remind myself of that and I know I'm incredibly blessed to be in this position in the first place. I know more than ever. Boy, do I ever know that.


Julia said...

you nailed it---because it will all work out and you will survive just fine. I vote to try a VBAC and if that is a no-go, it sounds like you will be in very capable hands to walk you through the process of another C-section. Who knows, maybe you won't have a single complication the second time around? You just never know!

LC said...

I'm with you girl. Pregnancy is a very scary thing and we have no control at all. (Horrible for us control freaks, huh?!) But you are absolutely correct...in the end, it is all so worth it. The complications were terrible but having Brady makes it worth it. Getting pregnant again terrifies me because my pregnancy wasn't the best. But would I do it again, of course. Babies are the best. Congrats again. I'm excited for you and I'll be praying for a VBAC and no complications along the way!

Sara said...

Hoping for a VBAC for you!!!

Carrie said...

I'm scared for Operation Evacuation as well! I'm dreadfully scared that I'll develop pre-e again and have another preemie. I'm pulling for a VBAC too. Hopefully the next round will go a little easier on us :)

Haley Nicodemus said...

First of all, congratulations!! So exciting!

Second, praying for a safe and easy delivery! Just put your trust in God and know He is in control. I can't imagine going through everything you went through the first time, much less doing it again. Pretty sure my toes were curled under while reading this post. You poor thing!!

Hope you are feeling fantastic!

kyna... said...

I will be thinking of you and saying prayers that everything goes much easier, including newborn life (ugh, I think I would go insane if our second had as much reflux trouble as Ellie!)
♥ Kyna