Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sometimes, there are no words.

Sometimes, there really are no words....when


The kid really cannot be trusted alone for even five seconds. Clean up after dinner? Right. 

What? I'm not doing anything wrong mom! Just washing my hair with TOAP!

I think I might need my own version of this site. I often wonder if people don't think that we watch our kid but it literally took him less than a minute to do this. Then, of course, we had to take photos!

I think I might need a few extra arms and set of eyes once this new baby is born! The worst part of all of this is the kid's hair. We washed it like 100 times, used baking soda, some dish soap and by then, he was so over being in the tub, I gave up. I then realized that we didn't get any further because his hair still looked wet when he went to bed. He was so upset too because he couldn't twirl his hair the way he wanted because it was still goopy. Round two of 'Operation get the goop ou't starts tomorrow. Normally, I wouldn't dare let him go to bed like that but I really give up.

I'm waving a big white flag. This week should be over by now, right?


Julia said...

seriously, amazing!

Carrie said...

Oh nooooooooooooo! So, so, so funny! Will found some vaseline once, but lucky for me, he only rubbed it on his face. Oh, Brady! Hahahahaha.

Mary said...

Before I read the text, I wondered how you got it out of his hair. Maybe time for a buzz cut?