Monday, December 12, 2011

How to give your mom a heartattack.

This morning, I was taking a shower before work. Brady has decided that the umbilical cord was cut way to soon and he can't be a foot away from me at all times. Usually, he hangs out in there and plays with his toys or plays with the toilet paper (and boy, that is a fun mess to clean up!) I am constantly poking my head out to see what he is up to because as you will see, the kid can't be left alone for a hot second.

Then, I hear him make a spitting sound.

I look at him and he has something in his mouth. I notice he has my pill case and I jump out of the shower butt neked. (The case was high up on the counter in a child proof container!)

He ate part of my prenatal. I read the back and see in big bold letters, 'Iron is lethal for children under 6. Please contact your local poison control if ingested.'

I had him spit out what was left in his mouth and wiped out what I could. I immediately grabbed my phone and dialed Poison Control. Did I mention it's not even 7 am?

Lesson #1: Keep Poison Control on Speed Dial. Here is the number. I urge you all to put it in there now.

Lesson #2: Child proof does not necessarily mean Brady proof.

She asked for his age and weight. I had figured he ate about  half or a little more because the rest was spit out on my bathroom floor. Luckily, he would have had to eat 40+ mg of Iron to be worried and one pill had 28mg. I made him some toast and tried to force feed him a glass of milk while I tried to stop my heart from racing and keeling over.

Lesson #3: Never leave this kid out of my sight..EVER!

Here is to hoping the rest of the week is uneventful.

You hear that, Brady??

Note to self: Teach my kid not to eat anything he finds anywhere. The kid ate a crumb off the floor last night!!!


Amanda said...

Daniel once ate almost an entire container of kids vitamins. Childproof containers, my foot! He was ok thankfully! Wonder how many calls Poison Control gets like that a day!

Shannon said...

Amy I just love reading your blog. It's always great to see that I am not the only one dealing with a wild child! Can't wait to see how your next baby will be in comparison to Brady!

Carrie said...

Yikes! Glad he's OK - and hopefully you'll recover soon? ;)

Julia said...

freaking scary! I also ran over to Truman's flintstone multivitamins WITH IRON to see how much was in there. I purposefully bought the kind with iron b/c he was slightly anemic at one year, and apparently he only gets about 8 mg in one day. Whew.

Darn toddlers are terrifying sometimes!!