Friday, October 14, 2011

Bad days

Some days, I'm tired. 

Some days, I'm just a little cranky. 

Some days are full of spilled coffee and running ten minutes too late. 

Some days, just suck. 

Then, there are those days full of meltdowns, tears and constant battles of will. 

 Then, there are smiles.

 Big cheesy grins.

 Smiles that are so full of excitement, joy and pure happiness. 

Smiles that are full of the future and hold memories of the past.
It's that smile that makes my bad days seem to dissipate as soon as those sweet dimples appear and I feel my lips turn into a smile. It's that smile that defines so much of him and that I love so intently.

That smile. Oh boy. I'm in trouble.


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Mrs.Tron said...

So true! I often find myself grumbling as I get up at 3 am to feed Garrett and even more so when he's not ready to go back to sleep after eating. Then, he lets out a big, drooly grin and my heart just melts. Bella gets me the same way-- Huge meltdown and then a big "I sowwy" and a smile.