Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Dear Brady,

As I sit here thinking of the past year, I can't help but smile. There were some bumps in the road but having you in our lives has made the ride smoother and much easier. You have always been there to make us laugh and to bring a big smile to our faces. I can't help but thank you for that.

I found myself looking at pictures from your birthday last year and you've lost the chub in your cheeks and started looking more like a little man. You have more words and hit new milestones but deep inside, you will always be my little baby.

Today, you turn two. Another year has come and gone and I find that I love the same things about you but I am always finding something else. That is the thing buddy, with each age and stage, I find more to love about you.

I love each part of you, each piece of your puzzling personality.

I love the way your hair curls on the top of your head and the way you twirl each strand when you are sleepy.

 I love the way that when you laugh, your whole body laughs with you and how contagious it is. I even love how when you get mad, you can see it all the way from your head to your toes.

 I love that you do your own thing and I hope you never lose that as you grow up.

I love your red boots too, buddy. 
 I love the curiosity in your eyes and your love for animals, things that go and anything that bounces. I even love that you call cats, 'pumas,' and  horses  'Annie!'

  I love that you are happy. It makes me feel that I have done my job and done it well. Seeing you grow, seeing you learn new things and each little thing you accomplish makes me proud to call you my son.
I love to watch you sleep. I still love to watch your chest rise and fall with each restful breath. There is something calming, something peaceful and something beautiful about watching you sleep. 

I love that you notice everything. We joke that you don't miss a beat but you notice all the details. It makes for a fun shopping trip as you point out everything!
 I love your self-confidence and self-determination you carry at such a young age. The accomplishment in your eyes shines bright and I know that will continue to grow as you do.
 I love those dimples. Oh, how I love those sweet dimples.
 I love how sometimes when you get really silly or laugh really hard, you squint your eyes and throw back your head. Then, you look at me with those big eyes of yours that are so full of love and trust, it can bring me to tears.
 I love your sense of style and how you find joy and excitement in every small moment.
I love that you love to read and pick me to read with you. 

I love that each holiday is so much more special with you in our lives. Birthdays and Christmas carry so much more meaning and you make me feel like a kid again. 
I love that you are my child. I love that I was given the gift of watching you grow and being your mom. I am so blessed beyond measure. There is not an emotion that can describe the feeling we feel for you but it is an immense love that grows with each day.

Happy Birthday, baby boy. I hope your day is filled with love, laughter and cake :)


Carrie said...

Happy Birthday, Brady!! Hope the day is special for you both :)

kyna... said...

Happy happy birthday Brady!!!!

Such a handsome boy!

♥ Kyna

Julia said...

what a beautiful post, lady. Happy birthday, Brady! You are one handsome little dude.