Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Brady and the bee

If there is anything in this world my child loves more than milk, his momma, daddy and playing outside, it's bugs. He doesn't just call them bugs but 'bees!' This was the year of the cicada so that might have triggered his love for bugs but regardless it's pretty darn cute. One day, the cicadas covered the sidewalk and this momma was tired of stepping on them. I took a stick and moved the ugly sucker out of the way and Brady played right along!

Then, this week, he started calling them "Momma bees!" This does nothing but melt my already melted heart but it might be the cutest words he has ever said. I love the fact that there are no daddy bee's so it's true in fact that my son is very wise. He knows that it is the momma bee that rules this house!


Sarah said...

ok, seriously - it doesn't get any cuter than this.

Katie said...

Amy, he is too cute!!! I love when he blinks when saying "mama bee". More little videos please! :)