Monday, June 27, 2011

20: The countdown to 2 begins.

Dear Brady,

We have had a fabulous month full of new adventures, words, and lots of love. The other day, I watched you as you stacked one block onto another and while I've watched you do this so many times, this time seemed different. Your blond hair has come in a shade of brown and your eyes are darkening to an unknown shade. You stack that block so effortlessly, like you have been doing it forever. Then, after your cousin's first birthday party, I realized how much you have grown up.

You are becoming so independent. You go down the slides all by yourself. You eat with a fork and a spoon. You are just getting so big. Mommy gave you a haircut (not a very good one, might I add) and your hair is coming is so much darker! Your eyes are not so blue anymore either and we question what color they will end up!
 I want to capture moments in your life and bottle it up forever. Like the way your run. It melts my heart in so many ways, I can't even find words for it. It's this sweet little run that with a little bit of awkward grace. It's so perfect and I know one day, I'll watch you run down the street and that run will be just a distant memory.
 You are so thrilled with the simple things. I wish I could have a taste of what that feels like. Right as I took this picture, you saw a big truck and your eyes lit up. You will look out the front window and just watch for the school bus, trash truck or the occasional tree or random dog. You just love life and all that it offers.
 We went to a new park and while you enjoyed the fountains, you did not want to stop swinging. You loved to just watch the other kids and your eyes smile when you see them. It reminded mommy to put your swing up in our yard and you are so glad I did. You get this peaceful look in your eyes and it's beautiful.
It's funny how independent you can be and so outgoing. Then others, you cling to me but always warm up quickly. It amazes me how social you are. The other day, you had to show a little girl your 'boo-boo' while saying, 'oooh, oooh' in the most pathetic voice. You are also quite the flirt. At the grocery store last week, a little girl tried to kiss you! You decided that she needed to see your belly! I never laughed so hard! 

 You are so animated. It goes with your personality and you have this energy about you that is contagious. You make the funniest expressions and the things you do either make me laugh, melt my heart or have me laughing hysterically.
 You have this sense of fashion and it cracks me up. You love shoes and hats and it doesn't matter whose they are (even random people out at Target!) You love to wear mommy and daddy's shoes. You might have worn your slippers to Target the other day! Though, I'm quite glad you stopped wearing underwear on your head!

 Every time we see a man, you scream Daddy or Nana every time you see an older woman, which sometimes embarrasses mommy when one of the women don't look old enough to be a 'nana!' It amazes me the things you put together. At a birthday party, you looked at the baby and his daddy was holding him. You looked at him and said, 'Daddy!"
 Bees. I hear you talk about bees all day. The first thing you say in the morning is bee! Lately, it's been 'Momma bee!" We joke that you are going to grow up to be an exterminator because you go around 'squishing' any bug you see! Somehow, you see the tiniest ants on the pavement!
Mommy took you to the Children's Museum and you had so much fun. It was one of those days' mommy wanted to bottle up. It was that special. Your favorite part of the day was playing in the sand and it makes mommy want to take you to the beach and watch you run in the sand!  

During the trip to the museum, we sat in the gift shop for quite a while. You were perfectly content just playing with the toy cars. I had to laugh because we were in this really cool place and you played in the gift shop!  
 Your sweetness amazes me. You run up to me and give me the biggest hugs and kisses and it leaves me with a smile on my face. You blow kisses to everyone and your wave is like the way you run. I wish I could bottle it up. If you see a kid somewhere you try to give them whatever you are holding, even if it's half eaten!

You have really taken to pretend play. You pretend to wash your hands in your kitchen sink, drink from a 'cup,' talk on the phone, and build. The other day, you took your horses and told me each of their names.

You'll never guess. Daddy. Mommy. Baby. My gosh, do I love you!

Last weekend, early in the morning we were all laying in bed trying to wake up. You pointed to daddy and then me saying each of our names. Then said, "I, Brady."

 I know I've said this countless times but you are such a nature kid. Bugs, dirt, sand, rocks, flowers. It's all a love of yours and just being outside is enough for you! You point to everything and say, "I see!"

You are really starting to put more words together. Tonight, you said, 'my daddy!' and 'my mommy' and I thought my heart was going to burst! I can't wait to hear all the things you are going to say!

    You are so curious but I see in those big beautiful eyes how you are listening to every little thing I say and watching all that I do. You have this personality that is so much bigger than you are and for that, life is never boring in this house.  
 You just make my life so full of joy! As you get older, I do get sad but I look at how much fun you are and how full of life you are and my heart becomes so full. Those dimples get me every.single.time.

I can't believe that in four months, you'll be two. I can only imagine my heart will have tripled in size for each day that I have been blessed to be your mom.


Julia said...

such a handsome little (big) man. I love those dimples and he is getting so old it's disgusting!

Anonymous said...

I love the photo with Brady on the slide! He is so happy and cute!

Maria said...

The picture of Brady in the fountain is so sweet! Happy 20 months Brady!