Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Days like this.

 I have to remember two important things that I told myself I would always do!

1. Never take a moment for granted. This can be hard in the craziness of the weeks that juggling all that life entails. Since I leave him for most of the week, I feel like our days off together are that much more special but sometimes we can fall into routine and forget to do the fun things!

2. Dedicate days for Brady and I to spend together. Again, in the chaos of life, especially during the busiest months at work, it's hard. Well, today was one of those days that just happened. My mom who usually watches him could not last minute so we deemed it Mommy and Brady day!

We slept in till 7:30 which is a rarity in our house but that was only thanks to the middle of the night partying that these damn canine teeth created (they are all STILL not through!) We ate a nice, yummy breakfast and I decided we were going to the Magic House! It was amazing how much different this visit was then our last visit for his 1st Birthday! He enjoyed it so much more and he literally did not want to leave!

He went down the slide by himself for the first time! As in walked up the stairs by himself and went all the way down with no help from mom. It's ridiculous how big this kid is getting. 
He had tea with Alice and The Cheshire Cat and decided it was not his cup of tea! In fact, he might now be scarred for life a bit. In his defense, the cat was kinda creepy in the sense he had on no mask and this man was walking around in a stripped outfit with fuzzy hands. 
He met a new friend who seemed oddly familiar!

He was even allowed to push all kinds of buttons and it was ok to do so! He also.....
Became captain of his own sailing crew.
Created a masterpiece
Made a wish and attempted to dive in!
Tinkered with gadgets and doodads.
Walked around with a look of surprise and excitement for 99% of the time.

Decided that he wanted to play in the gift shop for 20 minutes. We left with a .50 rubber bee, which is so fitting for this child.
Created  beautiful music.
Put his toes in the sand for the first time this year
Threw lots of sand.   
 Buried his toes because that is what you do in the sand!
Enjoyed his day with momma.

You know it was a good day when you left with a dead camera battery and a child kicking and screaming. After four hours of fun, a nap was needed indeed.  Days like this do not come often enough but when we get the chance, we soak it all in and we love every single minute!                                       

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