Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ten for Today

1. Brady learned how to flush the toilet this morning. I learned this immediately after I found him crumpling up pieces of toilet paper and dropping them in one by one. Then, I heard the toilet flush....again and again and again....I'm sure this will be a good thing in the future but right now all I can think of is making sure to have a plumber on speed dial. 

 2. A Language explosion happened over at our house. It literally makes me love that kid so much more if that could even be possible. Hearing his little voice just makes me smile. "Momma's phone." He knows exactly what is momma's and what is daddy's in our house! My favorite new word he says is 'boom, boom!' (we've had a lot of thunderstorms lately!)

3. We took Brady to his first parade on Monday and even though we got rained on for a good ten minutes, my child was in complete heaven. From the horses, to the music to the candy being thrown, he was quite entertained.

He spent almost the entire parade like this. In pure awe. He got so excited and there was a giant bubble blower and  now says so cutely, 'bubble'

4. Speaking of toddler heaven, we finally bought a blow up pool. While he was not too sure swimming in a big pool at Nana's...he had the time of his life. I think he has a future in life guarding.
The kid who hates getting water on his face was dunking his head!  
5. I already knew that my child hates to get water in his eyes. What I didn't expect was that he would use my swimsuit top to dry them off! Good thing we were in our backyard. Good thing.

 6. After he swam on Saturday, we almost had a trip to the ER. He has had issues with eczema this past year and lately sunscreen has been a big issue. Well, shortly after he woke up from his nap, I noticed his back was full of welts and was flaming red. Luckily, a small dose of Benadryl helped but it definitely freaked me out. He's had reactions but never something so bad. Sadly, I have tried several different kinds and most of them are all natural or chemical free.  I'm thinking of just making him wear a UV shirt and a hat the whole summer :(

7. Brady had a little playdate with my cousin's son and it was so cute to see him with a younger kid. In a way, it was cute to see how he'd be as a big brother (not that it convinced me to go there, trust me!) but it also made me realize how dang big he is.

8. I've talked about Brady's little fashion sense before.  I'm sure he might chuckle at this picture when he's older but momma had to!

 He likes to pick out his own clothes as you can see, right down to the accessories!

9.   I was at someones house the other day who has children that are all much older, high school and college aged. I saw tons of pictures of the kids growing up at all ages and stages. It made me smile because I know that will be our house one day...full of happy times and years of memories.

10. Long weekends are the best. Especially when they are filled with those kinds of memories that get put up on the wall for years to come.


LC said...

That picture of Brady at the pool is so darling. And the one in the heels, of course :)

Mary said...

I can't believe what a little man he is. He's just getting so big!

I just listened to a feature on NPR about sunscreen guidelines. The guests really encouraged the use of the UV shirts. They pointed out that they seem expensive, but will actually save you money over time compared to buying tube after tube of sunscreen. I'm sure it's no fun for him to wear that though:(

Julia said...

omg, the heels. So cute! and I hope you can figure out the sunscreen issue...we have a little 'rash guard' top for T but it isn't long sleeved or anything. I do like that his baby chest isn't exposed, though.

Maria said...

Andy loves playing with my heels (although he tries to put the actual heel in his mouth). LOL!