Sunday, June 5, 2011


Dear Brady,
Oh, kid. It sure has been a month. You have definitely entered the 'getting into everything' stage.

These are just two examples of your dirty work.  

 You have decided you want to climb on everything. The other day mommy found you standing on our coffee table. Jumping. Climbing on the couch, the fireplace, the chairs, the toilet paper I just bought at Target , everything!

You love going up and down the stairs and can do it on your own but you still like to hold mommy's hand! You grab my hand sometimes out of the blue just to hold it and those are the memories I will never forget. Of course, you grab me and try to drag me out the door too :)

Your favorite place in the world is still playing outside. You don't even have to be doing much of anything but being out there is just enough for you. You watch the wind blow, the bugs (bees) fly by and just love to walk around! It's something about being out there that you truly are in love with and you run around out there like you have a plan in mind. It's no wonder your pockets are stuffed with acorns, rocks and dirt!

You are improving your tantrum 'technique' and you are getting quite good at it. They usually happen when we make you leave anywhere that involves being outside. Is that picture pure joy or what?

  You have also recently decided that swinging is pure bliss.  You liked it before but now you  purely love it even in the sweltering heat! I think we might have to finally hang yours up in the backyard!

 When you get hurt and have to run over for a kiss from mommy to make it all better.  Sometimes, you just come up and give me a hug or kiss for no reason at all. Those  are what make my heart smile wide!

You are communicating so well. You make your choices well known by pointing, bringing us to what you want or using your words. Last night, you said, "A ball, daddy! You like to yell Daddy's name a lot-at the store, running around the house and even to the waiter at the restaurant. We had a good laugh over that one, buddy!

"All gone" is heard in the middle of the night too. You finally are getting all four canine teeth in at the same time. You're not enjoying it one bit at night but during the day, you are happy as always. After they are all the way through, you will have 16 teeth (which I'm sure means two year old molars are nearing!)
 One of your favorite things to do is watch out the window for a school bus, bees, birds, and anything else. You get so excited that it really shows me that the little things in life are such a blessing!

You call all bugs 'bees!" and they are everywhere to you! You talk about them all day. The other day, we were watching something on TV and an animated bug flew around, you screamed, 'a bee, a bee!' as loud as you could!

This month, cicadas have pretty much take over outside. You are not bothered by them one bit. The other day one got near my head and I screamed. You looked over at me and laughed. You try to pick them up and it does nothing more than gross me out!  You must have watched mommy a few many times as you try to squish them!

You are getting into pretend play more and more. Giving your stuffed animals love, having them run around and making noises. It's so sweet and adorable to watch. Other things you love now are puzzles, blocks of any kind, bubbles, laying in mommy's bed before night night, being tickled, hiding, 'The Snuggliest Snuggle in the World' book.
You love to get hot and sweaty and it doesn't bother you a bit! We came inside for your favorite snack, olives, and then you asked for more! I thought you wanted more olives but you meant 'more outside!'

You can jump with both feet off the ground, march, and a silly little walk you invented! You are so silly!

 Your laugh is always present  and it brightens ours lives more than you'll ever know!  You have shown me more this month that you are not a helpless baby but an independent little boy. I can't believe that in five more months you'll be TWO!  I love you, bubs!

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