Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A year and a half

Dear Brady,
I can officially say that you are a one and a half. It's crazy to think that last year at this time you were the chunky six month old with one little curl and two big dimples! You've changed so much yet you are still that same little soul that we love to the moon and back!
Six months                                                    18 months      

You have turned into exactly who I imagine you to be at this age. Curious, loving, sweet, kind and full of life and happiness. You still find a way to make us laugh each day and know when we need it the most. You have turned into such a sweet and caring person and give out kisses and hugs to all that ask. Sometimes, you'll stop what you are doing and run over to plant one on my lips. Sometimes, you don't stop at one. It does nothing short of melt my heart and warm deep down into my soul.  

You are an adventurous one, my love. Climbing, jumping, running and chasing the kitty are all things you love to do! You recently learned that climbing is a fun skill but makes mommy so nervous!
Pour and dump. Pour and dump. Two of your favorite activities. You are so smart and figure things out so quickly. You listen to what we everyone says so intently except of course if we are telling you something you don't want to hear! You crack me up on what you do. The other day we were in your room cleaning and I said to myself that this needed to go downstairs. You picked it up, ran to the other room and tossed it down there!

I have to take a double take when I look at you and each day I swear you've grown as I pick you up. Your chubby little legs have grown into shapely calves and it's just another sign that you are not that tiny baby anymore. You are so proud of all that you do and feel like a big boy but I always tell you, you'll always be my baby!
Blocks are still one of your favorite toys. You have gotten quite good at stacking them high! You get this beautiful sense of accomplishment and always give yourself a little clap aftewards.

You still love shoes, going outside, hats, stroller rides, walks, the kitty, milk and of course balls! You still go to sleep around 8 and when you wake up varies. You wear anyway from 18 month, 24 month or 2T clothes and size 6-7 in shoes! Big feet my boy!

Coloring, drawing, or anything that involves crayons, pencils, pens, or paper is quite a fun thing for you!
You love to 'go to sleep' and will cover up and pretend to sleep! It's so cute! You also grab a pair of shoes and wave good-bye to us as you pretend to 'go to work!' You love to chat on the phone and walk around trying to rest it on your shoulder like daddy does! You are so observant and really pick up on everything!

We played with playdough for the first time and you LOVED it! You never even tried to eat it and kept laughing when I would make shapes! Your favorite part of course was opening and closing the container!
    You can say your name-Beeeedeeee and call the sitter, MiMi. Everytime the kitty walks by your face lights up like you just found her for the first time.  You know the sounds of many animals and my favorite will always be the owl (owl, bird, monkey, snake, lion, tiger, dinosaur, kitty, cow.) You love going to Nana and Papa's and watching the horses or chasing their cat, Joey. Some new words are bowl, outside, Mickey (key) and others I know I am forgetting. You will try to say anything and you do have your own little language.

You know all of your body parts except elbow and knees but you are getting close! You run to the bathroom and shout, pee pee!
You are such a boy. Rocks, dirt, sticks and everything messy. When you go outside on walks, you pick up acorns and shove them into your pocket! Mommy opens the dryer and out comes all the collected rocks and acorns!
You may be all boy but you are still such a cuddler and love your momma!! You've become so much more interactive in a way. You'll point to what you want, tell me what you want to do by pointing or bringing me there. Sometimes, you'll pat the ground because you want me to sit next to you! Of course, after you wake up from your nap (which you have been taking epic naps, buddy. One long nap of at least 2 hours! So proud of you!) you want to lay on the couch with a pillow and a blanket and drink your milk.  You run to the kitchen and point to the cabient I keep your sippy cups in and then run to the couch and pat it!   

You are such a busy bee and have really gotten into other toys lately like cars, play animals and puzzles. Not too long ago, you got the piece fitted into the puzzle and said, "I did it!" You surprise us like that sometimes buddy! Out of the blue, you'll say something so perfectly clear and it is something new!
I've said it before but you LOVE being outside. We have had a lot of yucky weather and you'll sit by the window and watch. You look for the birds, squirrels and each time a loud car drives by you get all excited! You are noticing everything, even all the thunder!
Easter was a wonderful day for us. You got up and the look on your face made me and daddy smile. You loved spending time with your family and especially your cousins. You are so loved and we know you feel it. I can see it in the way you smile and in the way you move. That alone makes me know I'm doing my job well.

In the past week, I've been lucky enough to hold you while you fell asleep several times. It had been way to long but it truly made me realize how much you have grown and how much you have changed our lives.

The wonder and curiosity in your eyes never cease to make me smile. The big kisses and all of the cuddles touches my heart. The beauty of your laughter and the perfect curl of your sweet lips touches deep down into my soul.

In eighteen months, you have made us parents. You have made us happier than we could have ever been but more than anything you have given us a new way to look at the world and for that we are truly lucky.

We love you, Beeedeee!


N. said...

Wow, Brady is so grown up! I remember you finding out you were pregnant like it was just a few months ago! He is such a cutie!

Brooke said...

He's so cute! It's seriously amazing how fast time flies now!

Katie said...

Happy half birthday, little man!

Courtney said...

love this! I know I've said it before, but Brady & Berkley seem to be cut from the same cloth!
Happy half-birthday, Brady & way to go, Mama!