Monday, April 25, 2011

More tales of a toddler

In the span of a few hours my child ....
  • Practically catapulted out of his crib. Yep. Enough said. 
  • Ok, we'll go into the whole crib thing. Went to get him out and had I not been there the kid would have flipped over and probably would have injured something. Luckily, I caught him. We both stood there confused as to what the heck just happened. 
  • Pulled an open soda off of our kitchen table and before I could get to him, he shook it with all his might. 
  • While mom was cleaning us said mess, the kid grabbed it again and shook it again. Yes, mistake learned. 
  • Realized my child is tall enough to not only pull things off of our kitchen table but also the counters.
  • Learned to climb onto our kitchen chairs. 

 ( Man, (my child has some big feet!) 
  • Took the vent cover off and then proceeded to FALL into the open vent. 
  • Told me No!  
  • Ate me out of house and home.
  • Gave me a ton of kisses.
  • Chased after the killy and tried give her kisses. 
  • Chased after the kitty to pull her tail 
  • Realized my baby will be 18 months old in a few days.  
  • Realized my baby is not so much anymore.

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Stuff Parents Need said...

You have such a sweet little rascal on your hands! Darah is 20 months old....a tiny kid. I can't believe it!