Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter, Brady's way!

Have mommy buy eggs. Open eggs.  
Throw eggs in the colored stuff. Wonder why mommy keeps telling me to be gentle.  

Stare at our pretty eggs.  

Inspect round 'balls' to make sure they are ok.  

 Squeeze the green one. Oops. 

Pass out. Dying eggs is hard work.  
 Make a picture for the Easter Bunny!
Wake up and get really excited about the bubbles, playdough and other fun stuff the Easter Bunny brought! 


Get dressed up. Look especially cute.  
 Check out some more eggs just to make sure there nothing is left behind. 
 Check out Easter basket from Nana inside my new hat. 
 Call everyone and tell them that Easter bunny came to Nana's too!

Tell everyone how BIG the easter bunny is! 
 Play with my new toy and my cousins too!
Laugh a lot!
 Whew. Must rest....Easter is exhausting!

(argh, i know a few of the pictures are sideways and I can't get them to go the way they should! If anyone knows an easier way to fix this then uploading them again, let me know! I can't do that now since I'm at work and it seems to happen a lot!


N. said...

I love the color of your eggs! Easter, Brady's way, looks fun!

Anonymous said...

I've been having the sideways issue too ... I delete the picture, go into my saved photo files, turn it sideways, upside down, right again, and then I try to upload it again and holy heck that has worked every time! Totally weird.

Love the sleeping in his high chair pic - dying eggs is hard work!