Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day in a life of a toddler

In the span of 24 hours....

  • Brady practically capitulated out of Target's shopping cart. Yes. My child figured out how to get his legs out and stand up in the shopping cart. Needless to say, he rode in the back for the rest of that trip which didn't go so well either. 
  • He learned how to take off his own pants. I can only imagine that to be a fabulous thing in the future but right now all I can think of is a naked baby running through Target after falling out of the  shopping cart as I turned to grab another gallon of milk (I swear I feel like all i do is buy milk!)
  • I found his jammie bottoms shoved inside the diaper pail. Wonder how the heck they got in there. 
  • Found a sock and 7 clean diapers shoved in the diaper pail. 
  • Opened the dryer and out fell a bunch of acorns (he loves putting things in his pockets!) 
  • I heard a boom. I ran into the playroom to find Brady had carried the cantaloupe from the kitchen floor (we had just got back from the farmers market) and was now throwing it like a ball. In fact, he pointed to it at the store, yelling ball, so I should have saw this coming.  I'm just glad he wasn't strong enough to pick up the watermelon 
  •  I put back all 100 sandwich baggies back into their box. Twice. 
  • Found my child with a pen. Proof is in the pictures.
  • Realized my child is now tall enough to reach all the doorknobs. That can't be good! 
  • Heard my husband tell me that my son handed him two pieces of poop. 
  • Realized my child can take things in and out of the diaper pail. Diapers included. Oh, that is how those jammies got there!
I also watched my child fall asleep in his highchair for the first time. 

Heard Brady shout, "I did it!" after he got the puzzle piece in the right spot!
Heard Brady say, "dat tickles' 

Felt tiny little kisses on my lips. One after another, after another, after another..... kisses that are so purposeful and full of intent. Kisses that never get old. Kisses that he wanted to give to me.  

Felt a tiny hand in mine as we walked outside. I looked at my son and my heart melted into a thousand tiny pieces as we walked hand in hand down the street. 

There is something about that little act that leaves you feeling complete and at peace
It leaves you feeling that every little thing is gonna be alright!


Angie said...

Beautiful post as always Amy.

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Oh MY....toddlers are: Work, Fun, Work, and adventurous!!!!
God be with us :)

I hope you are doing well..I think about you often :)

Katie said...

Such a sweet post! Totally understand your day x's 2. It's nice how the sweetness evens out the craziness!

Trisha said...

Thank you for even more birth control. ;) haha

He sure does keep you busy!

He is so cute though, I guess that helps!

N. said...

Full of ups and downs, but so worth it! Beautiful post, Amy.

Sarah said...

oh boy, he is full of mischief, and oh so cute! always good to embrace the positive :)

Ashley said...

Just found your blog. Boy, does this post sound like my little guy!! Into everything. Wouldn't trade it for anything!

Stuff Parents Need said...

Yes. Thank god this isn't happening to just me. ;-)