Saturday, December 18, 2010

Universe can't crap on me!

Mommy fail #1:
While playing with your child you shove your phone in your pocket. Then, decide to wash those pants.

Mommy fail #2:
Being silly with your son while trying to wash him in the tub= First busted, fat lip.

Mommy fail #3
Running a short trip alone while your son naps turns into a 2 1/2 hour trip because in an attempt to avoid traffic you find yourself stuck in a Christmas shopping trifecta of hell (The mall, busy street, and Target all in a mile radius) and spill the entire bag of Target popcorn across your front seat.

Rocking mommy moment #1
After sitting in Christmas traffic hell, you walk in the door and your son yells, "MAAAAA-MAAA!'' at the top of his lungs with a smile painted on his face. It never gets old hearing him call me ma-ma!!
Rocking mommy moment #2:
After scaring mommy for life in the bath tub incident of 2010, one certain little boy cuddled with his momma during the whole "Fresh Beat Band' show. Something that hasn't happened in a while since this certain little boy does not sit still longer than 10 seconds.  (Side note: This kid loves this show and I let him watch it. It's funny to me because it's a bunch of 'teenagers' who dance and sing. No cartoon characters. Just catchy songs.)

Rocking mommy moment #3:
The sweetest little boy looks at me, strokes my hair, pats me on the back and then leans in to give me the biggest hug.

After a day where it felt like the universe tried to crap on me, I think this Momma came out ahead once again! Well, I can't celebrate total dominance just yet as this momma might be out a cell phone.

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Julia said...

I'd say you are one or two up on the universe right now. Egh. Hang in there!