Sunday, December 12, 2010

CSN strikes again!

With the holidays here and time not on my side, I have been doing a lot of shopping online. My mind immediately wondered to CSN because they literally have everything. Diaper bags, rugs, toys, and even bathroom furniture. As much as I'm dying to update our bathroom and looking at all the fixtures on there, I had to remind myself that it's the season for giving.

Stay tuned, I'm getting something for the big boy with the little curls, and I am pretty excited about it! There are also two words that I found enticing: free shipping. A lot of their stuff has it right now.

I love Christmas. I love shopping. I love shopping for Brady for Christmas (and no, I'm not done because I just started not too long ago!)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

girl, good luck - i just had a shit experience with them myself. and when i told them about it? it was a shrug and a "meh" response. i'm totally done with csn. hope you have better luck!!