Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Demon Dora

This is what I feel might be payback for something I did when I was little. I can thank my MIL for this lovely gift. This thing was about to go into a dark closet to never see the light of day again. Before I go into why I might let her stick around, let me count thee ways she freaks the heck outta me.

  •  She moves by herself sometimes which is not cool for any sort of thing that resembles a doll. 
  •  Somehow she manages to find herself in our bedroom. Waking up to this doll is not pleasant. Nor is seeing her in the middle of the night. 
  •  the volume is so loud, I'm surprised we are not all wearing hearing aids by now.
  • Just look at her. In real life, she looks scarier. Maybe this is why I had a boy. Dolls freak me out.
All of that and she's still in my house, batteries in tact. Able to sing and dance to her hearts content at any time.


Besides the fact that for some reason I cannot fully explain, she makes my kids face light up. He pushes the button and then runs around the house giggling. He pushes the button again: rinse and repeat.

Sometimes, he picks pushes her down and then picks her up by her hair. Hopefully, this is not how he plans on treating his wife.

Then, last night while in the bathtub, Brady tried to put the stack-able bath toys together and when he got it, he said, "did it!"

Yep. "did it!"

I heard him again while he was 'napping' this afternoon.  'DID IT, DID IT!"

I have no idea what he 'did' while he was supposed to be sleeping but alas, demon Dora is here to stay.


Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Oh sweet...he is a chatter bug. Tucker is NOT really saying words at all...all mummble jumble!

Maria said...

I love that you call her Demon Dora. LOL! Great story!