Sunday, December 12, 2010


To say the last two weeks have been insane has been an understatement. Two weeks ago, the week started out with a bang and ended the same way, crappy. Blake had been sick the week before and he ended up in the hospital for two days and had the worst hospital experience ever (think roommate from hell and a pure lack of care from the 'dr'.) He's fine and better now but damn strep, sinus infection and bronchitis turned into pneumonia and wrecked havoc on our lives for too long.

The first night I got no sleep because he was updating me from the hospital and the 2nd night, my child decided he didn't want to sleep. It was a long few days and then I was lucky enough to get sick too. Brady somehow escaped all of this with a itty bitty cold and his typical cough. I swear this kid has the immune system of an ox. Wait, scratch that. If I say that out loud, the germs will invade.

As the fun continued, I took the dreaded GRE test last week. To say I bombed it is the understatement of the year, maybe century. No, I don't just think that, they give you the 'score' at the end. Good thing my application isn't solely based on that or I'd be screwed with a big fat capital S.

So, full of crap, I told you.

Eh. Oh well.

I'm fine and dandy because my baby boy runs around the house saying, 'my ma-ma,' 'my ma-ma' all day. I know. Talk about the bestest sound ever.

(hmmm, maybe my use of non words correlates to my crappy verbal score.)

Speaking of, this kid has decided he doesn't want to sleep at night and wake-up before the butt crack O' dawn. I had a sneaking suspicion that teeth were the culprit and be damned, I was right!

Toofer #8. Check.

Before I could say, 'whew,' I found two giant lumps where those molars are taunting me and I have a feeling, Brady and I will be having lots of middle of the night scream fests very soon.

Oh, well. As long as he continues that 'my ma-ma' stuff, I'm good. I'm really good.


Jennelle said...

I hope you guys can stay healthy the rest of the season--being sick is no fun!

I'm sorry you're score wasn't what you were hoping for; although, I AM very jealous that it's scored right away!

Julia said...

what a horrible week! You can always re-take the GRE if needed, right? Hang in there.

Sarah said...

ok, being sick and getting no sleep sucks :/ hope things are turning around by now!

and also, part of my job at washu is putting together grad application files each year. i can say that while our professors do take GRE scores into consideration, they put so much more weight on recommendations and personal statements. so, don't let this one thing make you feel so bad. plus, yes, you can definitely retake it. chin up, amy!!

Katie said...

I hope things start getting better for you. Do you use anything at night for Brady's teeth? I use baby Orajel and they have a nighttime formula also. They have been great for both boys. Good luck!