Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A few updates

The past week has been pure chaos. In a span of 12 hours our cat decided to pee on our bed, our washer broke, and this was all at 8 pm. The next night, I took Brady and the cat to the vet. Turns out she had a UTI and as I pulled out of the parking lot, I realized I left her medicine on the roof of the car (me and the damn roof!) Luckily, I spotted it in the turn lane and was able to pull my car into it and swoop it up. :)

Thank you all for your feedback about grad school. I have had a lot of overwhelming positive support and not only does that mean a lot, it makes me so much more eager to get things moving! I am taking the GRE on December 8th (yikes!) so it's almost real! My application has taken a slight detour (waiting for my last reference to be confirmed!) but I'm hoping by this week it will be sent!

I have a bigger post coming up explaining more about this but Brady's going to an allergist this afternoon and I'm absolutely dreading it. I'm nervous actually not about the results but just testing my baby. He's had several odd issues lately and I hope we get some answers!

I can't believe that he'll be 13 months old this week. Already. Didn't we just celebrate his birthday?

He repeats a lot of what I say. I said something about his butt (one of his many issues) to Blake and I turn around to hear him saying 'bu, bu!" Uh oh! Guess I have to watch what I say now... I just can't believe last Thanksgiving he was a mere newborn. Sigh.

I have to admit this out here so I can get my butt back in gear but I have fallen off the wagon. Blake and I had been exercising and eating super healthy and the last few weeks have been bad. His party started it and things just went downhill from there. The holidays are not helping. Neither do half the food blogs that are taunting me in google reader.

I am so excited about the holidays this year. Brady gets to eat his FIRST turkey day meal! He loves to eat just as much as I do so I'm sure he'll enjoy it! He is already enthralled by the Christmas trees and stuff at Target and I"m so excited to see his reaction to our tree! Little things are so much more fun now that he is in our lives. It brings back the magic that Christmas had when I was a child.


Julia said...

crazy times for you, lady! 13 months?? Insane. And I was just wondering when we'll have to censor our dirty mouths around here....should happen right now, I guess!

Stuff Parents Need said...

Sending good vibes for the doctor's appointment. I hope they quickly pinpoint whatever the problem might be!