Monday, November 8, 2010

Brady's BIG bash!

I think his party was one of my favorite days ever. He had the biggest smile on his face all day and even going on one nap, he was full of joy. I think he felt the love and we did too. It was a special day we will not soon forget.

Now, onto pictures!

Um, so I hear there's cake?
Found this at Borders!
 The adorable birthday boy!

 I had to use this in our decor somewhere because my child thinks they are the greatest things. He runs into the dining room (they are on our table) and goes, "ssssss" He thinks they are snakes and giggles.
 Smash cake before!

Cake: After. He LOVED it, can you tell?
 Suess mobile I found at Borders for $3!

 Happy Birthday!
 This was my wall of ages, from 0-12 months. It is amazing how much he's changed.

 How many? Can you guess?
 Our guestbook table. Everyone signed the book, "Happy Birthday to you!" The sign above it read:

Wait, stop and see!
Please will you write something special to me!

On the front, on the back or between the pages.
It will be something I treasure for ages!

Overall, it was a sucess in so many ways. I look back and I'm just elated. There is nothing better than watching your child experience so many things for the first time and seeing his face light up. This was a day I'll cherish. 


Jennelle said...

Amy, it looks fabulous! You are so creative, Brady is lucky to have such an awesome mama. :-)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Soo Soo Cute!!! I love the theme and glad you had fun. I will have pics up soon

Sarah said...

oh my gosh, your decorations were AWESOME!!! brady definitely has a wonderful momma. happy belated birthday to your handsome little guy, he sure is growing into quite the cutie!!

Julia said...

So fun!! I love it. And he HAS changed so much and yet he looks like big boy brady even as a baby. Congrats you guys!

Melissa and Nick said...

Looks like a great party! Brady is a lucky boy. I can't believe how big he has gotten. We used that same book for Genevieve's first birthday and are doing a book every year for people to write in :)

Lulu said...

Everything looks adorable; I love the ages / through the months photo banner, so cute!

Looks like he loved the cake :) Happy (belated) Birthday Brady!

Momma Wilson said...

so so cute! happy first birthday lil man and congrats to you for making it through the first year of parenthood:)

Maria said...

You did such a great job Amy!!!! And I love the new tagline on your blog...Motherhood Imperfected!

Katie said...

Great job Amy!! Everything looks amazing! Love the details! :)