Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Calm before the storm

My house is quiet right now and I'm actually sitting down for probably the first time all week! Brady man's party is in a few days and I have so many family members coming over, I have no clue where to put them all! So, needless to say, we've been a bit busy working on getting things ready. We both have very decently sized families so I think it was a bit much to have it in our tiny house. Next year, we'll find somewhere else and we'll get to actually invite his friends. Plus, I won't have to worry about fitting a ton of people in my tiny house!

In that, we have a new fireplace! Pictures to come...but we it's pretty awesome. I even made a banner that gets to hang across it just for the occasion. Things are coming together and the procrastinator in me did really well not waiting till the last minute. ::patting myself on the back:: Though, I still have a few projects that need to be finished! ::telling myself to get off the damn computer!::

I'll have a big post full of pictures and hopefully a wonderfully messy cake smash video!

I just can't believe my baby is 1 and we did it! We have an amazing, smart, sweet little man who we haven't scared for life {yet!}

I need to post his 12 month post still too. He's doing so many new things and it's amazing that he's this little person who understands EVERYTHING! I really have to watch myself.

You know how some people go, 'ugh' with a lovely grunt when they get mad or annoyed? I do that way too much and guess who else does it now? Yep. Along with throwing his arms down.

He's been wearing his crabby pants lately so I'm hoping he can get those off before this weekend!

This time last year, I was making remarks that I have lived to regret! 'Oh, he's such a great sleeper!' I think I put my foot in my mouth on that one! He must have heard that naive remark and after that 2nd week decided, ha, I'll show you mommy!

{in denial}  My baby really is one. A whole year old!

::a big fat sigh::

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