Friday, November 12, 2010

12 months: A whole year!

(I wrote this right before his birthday but mommy fail and never published it!)

Dear Brady;

I cannot believe it! Today is your FIRST birthday!

I thought about what I would say to you. I thought what I would write to you. For once, mommy was lost for words. (I know that is hard to believe!) It's just that this is such a special day and I can't find the words that describes how much we love you and how much your presence brings so much joy into our lives. From the moment that we learned you were coming to the moment you were born, we loved you. It wasn't until we met you that we fell head over heels with you and each day we find more reasons to love you.

Your laugh, your dimply smile, the way that you smack you lips before you fall asleep, the silly and serious expressions you make, your self-determination, your sweet soul.
The other day, I was working on something on the floor. You were playing near me as you always do. You came right up to me from behind and laid your head on my shoulder and gave me the biggest bear hug. That was a moment I will not soon forget. You are like that, thoughtful and kind. Sweet and generous. Everything you find has to be shared!

You are such a social butterfly. You love being around others and watching them. You still love shopping with mom for that reason! It is one of the things that we hear most from strangers. How your happiness just shines and I feel so blessed and so proud!

 Your vocabulary has blossomed this month! Your most used words are ma-ma, dada, ba-ba (bottle/sippy cup), ball, cat, and have said, bubba (bubble.) You walk around the house saying, 'dada, ma-ma.' You try to repeat most anything we say and you use your hands to talk. You've started pointing with your finger rather than your whole hand!

You also point to your nose! Sometimes that finger goes UP your nose but it's still pretty cute to me!
You favorite toy right now is a ball! Sometimes you'll throw it but most of the time you just walk around with it in your arms. A sweet sight to see! You still love books but seem more interested in what is going on inside them and those pages are so much fun to turn! You study everything-pages on books, my hair, faces.

Recently, you started to make this sniffle noise and scrunch up your face! I realized you got that from me! You are so observant and pick up on everything!

You had your first visit to pick apples and pumpkins! Your eyes light up at the sight of a pumpkin!

For your birthday, mommy took your to the Magic House! The light shined bright in your eyes that day.
You had so much fun. That is the thing about you buddy, you find joy in most anything. You have this ray of light inside of you and it is almost always burring bright. You find joy in everyday life and we have learned to
do the same!  

 Being outside is one of your favorite things. Just sitting in the grass or playing in the leaves brings you a sense of excitement and you are content just sitting there.
You don't  mind getting messy! Dirt, acorns, grass, love it all!
You got your first big boo boo. A nice black eye! :(

The day that I will never forget was your first birthday party. The look of pure joy, excitement and exhilaration was in your eyes that day and our eyes were full of love, honor and pride.

I write these letters for you, Brady. Time goes so fast that I want to remember each moment. I hope that one day you'll look back on each one and feel the love we have for you.

Happy First Birthday, Brady. This has been the most amazing year of our lives.  Thank you for being the beautiful soul that you are. We love you!


Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Tear tear!!! So precious

Lisa said...

awwww so sweet! Cant beleive a year has gone by...

Katie said...

Happy 1 year Brady!!!

Kim said...

He is such a doll!! I can't believe our babies are 1! Where on earth did this year go?!?