Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chasing a toddler in a dr's office

This dr.'s appointment really showed me how much Brady had morphed into a toddler. The kid was everywhere and into whatever he could get his hands on. Filling out paperwork while your child is running away=not an easy feat.

Testing was so easy. I could NOT believe it. He didn't flinch, he didn't cry. Nothing. Shocked. Luckily for us, he was not allergic to what they tested (dog, cat, dust mites, milk, eggs, egg whites, wheat, or peanuts!)


He probably has asthma. Yep. Asthma.

I have very mild asthma that flares up when I get sick and bothers me in cold weather. Hopefully, his will be the same. My mom, my brother and several relatives have/had it and he could always outgrow it. It's a small hurdle we'll face, we'll manage and to be honest, I'm not too worried about it. Now, I might change my mind if/when he gets sick. He's never really been sick other than a very teeny tiny cold last spring so it's hard for us to know what we'll see when he is sick. Now, I can tell you all about teething and tummy pain but a sick baby is something I've been lucky not to experience.

You are probably wondering why we took him in the first place and there were actually several different reasons which sent this mommy's intuition into overdrive. Persistent coughing (not bad but still enough to warrant a visit) that didn't sound right, an ongoing yeast diaper rash that will not freaking go away, unexplained rashes and eczema, along with a few poop issues we have had lately. We still have no clue about the diaper rash. He had not had a single diaper rash until he was 9 or 10 months old and now he basically has one everyday. Something wasn't adding up and something was telling me that this isn't right. We havent' changed anything in regards to diapers, laundry, household cleaners, etc. The only thing different is food. Then last week, he was eating his veggies and a few new things were on his high chair. His face turned bright red and splotchy. Once I cleaned him up and removed him from the high chair, it went away (either sugar snap peas, or sesame seeds on the bite of a sandwich I gave him.)

We have to keep a close eye on symptoms and when he gets sick, he will be on a nebulizer.

So, in a short nutshell that is why we decided on an allergist. With a family history of asthma and pretty severe seasonal allergies, I knew this was something we most likely would deal with. I read an article once that said if both parents have allergies, their children are 70-80% likely to get them as well. He didn't think that the pnuemothorax at birth had any affect on him since he wasn't on a chest tube. (whew)

In regards to smoke, of course NO child should be around it. We have a few issues with this (not in our house if you know what I mean.) Smoking in another room is the SAME as blowing the smoke right into their face. I wish more people would understand that. I have huge issues with smoke and I know how much it affects me.

We also talked about peanut allergies too because I had an irrational fear of giving him nuts.  Research shows that sporadically giving your child peanut butter/peanut products could cause them to develop nut allergies so he recommends to give it everyday rather than today and 2 weeks from now. That is something I had NO idea about and we started peanut butter last night! I have been so leery of it for some reason.

Has anyone else had an issue with a diaper rash like this? We have treated it with everything under the sun and it will go away but it seems to come right back as soon as he poops! Again, we haven't changed anything besides introducing more foods and went almost 10 months without one.

Sigh. Babies are a big mystery. Oops. Sorry, Brady. Big boys are such a mystery. :)

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Haley Nicodemus said...

Wow - you are one busy girl!

Ok - now you have me concerned. Stella coughs on and off pretty much every night and maybe a couple of times during the day. It's been going on for a few weeks now. (Although I haven't heard her tonight.) Her poop has been so different and we've been battling diaper rash for a few weeks too. We have to keep diaper rash cream on her at all times or it will get bad. Sooooo... do you think she's having the same issues? Kyle and I don't have asthma and as far as I know, none of our family does, but we all have allergies.


Congrats on making the move to grad school. If your heart is telling you to do it, then it will all work out. It seems like it will all work out. And in the long run - who cares about student loan debt. At least you are doing what you love and what's best for your family. You never know when something will change. Live it up!

Oh and I totally know where you are coming from with the smoking. HATE smoke/cigarettes, but my dads entire family smokes (including him) and they just don't get it. I refused to go anywhere if people were going to smoke so at my grandma's they smoke in the other room. Ummm...pretty sure it's the same idiots. But we don't stay very long anymore. I HATE IT!

Ok - you've heard enough from me!

Brody is still such a little cutie!