Monday, August 30, 2010

Ten months

Dear Brady;

Oh little man! What a month we have had! We had so much fun, it flew by! Looking at you now, you have grown up so much in the past month and I cannot believe you will be a year old in just two short months. You are doing some big things in the sleep department and I think you are on your way to some big time stuff in that arena!

We went to the park and you had a blast! You loved the animals but the swing was by far your favorite!

You smile every time you saw an animal. We think you are going to be a zoologist when you grow up! :)

Besides you love for animals, you have a love for life. So many people you know and so many people that love you see you as this beam of light, this happy little soul. Always full of smiles. They are right. Everything makes you smile and laugh out loud in that cute little laugh full of excitement.
Your laughter fills the room and our hearts. Chase and tickles make that smile bigger and those laughs deeper. You have the deepest dimples and I love to see them as I know that means you are happy!

You are silly and curious. You think things through before you act sometimes or look at mom with that sly smile of yours and carry on.

You have managed to find your voice. You make almost any noise we do and you make it right back. Your favorite is the growl and you think it's pretty funny. You have also started to think that throwing little fits will get you what you want. You did a pretty little number for the ladies at the grocery store the other day when mommy wouldn't let you chew on a package of Goat cheese of all things. At least we know you have good taste.

You have the most gorgeous hair. Sorry, kid. I had to say it. You have these curls and I love them. They compliment your dimples. I'm sure you'll say, 'geez mom' when you are older or something cooler than old people like mom and dad say but I think you are the most adorable little man and those curls (though they are wild, like you) make my heart melt!

You are so sweet and kind when you need to be and rambunctious and all boy the rest of the time. You love to get dirty and watch things work. Sometimes your eyes look like they are concentrating so hard and taking notes. Mommy swears it is because you are a genius :)

(Look at my guns ma!)
You are a mommas boy through and through. I call you my little shadow as you follow me everywhere you go. You have even managed to call for me a few times but when I ask you, you pretend that never happened. You give kisses and are turning more into a cuddle bug everyday.
When you get up from a nap, sometimes you like to sit on mom's lap and just lay there or you'll put your head on my shoulder. Mommy loves these times and she captures a still frame in her mind to never forget moments like this.

You are growing so fast.
Boy are you fast. You have even taken a few steps here and there. Each time, mommy and daddy hold our breaths, thinking this will be the time you start to run away! It is coming soon and I can't wait to watch you go! You are constantly on the go and sometimes I need a catch my breath to keep up with you.....and one eye is always on you.

You make 'childproof' seem like just some made up word. You have managed to pull those outlet covers right out. You also find the floor vents to be pretty awesome. Like I said, curious.

You are learning so much my little man. Your new favorite thing is give and take. You share your cracker or your veggies. More with the dog than mommy but you are willing to share if I dare ask.
Every Monday and Tuesday, you go to Nana and Papa's house and Chief is your favorite toy they have there. He lets you roll over him and pounce on him. He is so gentle with you, kissing your face all over. You love every second of it....even though mommy wants to take you right to the bath tub!
Little man, sometimes I look at you and my heart hurts. Not in a bad way but the most amazing way because I feel so blessed. This picture does it for me. So sweet. So peaceful. The way you hold your hands together.
Sometimes, I see a little bit of shyness in you, a little bit of unsureness and you look at me for a bit of reassurance. That is all you need to carry on and times like those make me realize that you are growing up so fast. It seemed to happen in an instant and each day is a new adventure. A new adventure we will go through and I will reflect on and remember.
I love you kiddo!


Julia said...

10 months sounds SO fun!! I love him. What a beautiful post, Amy, and that 'heart hurting' in a good way is an amazing thing about mother hood.

katherinemary said...

What a great post. :) He is such a sweet, sweet boy. Chad loves the floor vents too. lol.