Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Holy crap.

Oh holy hell of a day. I can only sum it up by saying that this is what TV shows are made of. I am starting to think my life might be good reality tv because I can't even make crap up like this.

My niece was watching Brady yesterday. She texted me earlier asking if we had a bird because she keeps hearing this screeching noise. Great. Issue #1.

Then, I get a phone call from her while I am in the meeting. Normally, I don't answer but knowing she is with Brady and she doesn't call unless it's something, so I did.

She saw a bat. The damn bat. Not sure if it's THE (which coincidentally was about the same time of year) bat from last year but I didn't give a crap I just left as fast as I could and drove home like a maniac.

On my way home, she calls again.

'Amy, don't freak out when I tell you this (all i am thinking is the damn bat ate my baby....) but there are cops in your driveway, and all over the place trying to find your neighbor.' Awesome. Issue #2.

Back story: Next store neighbor has been acting weird. He's been banging in his garage at all hours (and his garage backs up to Brady's room) of the night. I found out his wife was sick so I let him be even though he was waking up Brady many times each week. He stopped for a while and then the past week, things were getting weird again and what seemed like half his life was sitting in his truck.

I pull up to see cops and an ambulance all over my neighborhood. I wanted to throw up. I was going to be one of those mom's who would get arrested trying to get into where they were telling me not to go. Luckily for me, they let me go into my house. I ran in scooped up my baby and watched the drama unfold. The neighbor came out hands up and they talked to him for a while. Everyone left and I rested a bit easier until there was a knock on my door.

Holy crap! I had to answer it because he saw me peek out the door. It was him.

He then tells me his side of the story and he wants me to take him to the hospital to get evaluated by a psychiatrist. I looked at my niece who is just as freaked out and he told me to think about it and he'll be outside doing whatever it is he has been doing the past week.

My car was across the street (there were 2 cop cars in my driveway) so I had my niece run and drive it around the block to park it in the garage. Then, we all made a mad dash and got the hell out of there. I literally felt like I was running for my life and like I was doing something wrong (damn social worker in me) for running but I was not about to put my child at risk.

I came home later to find him hooking up his trailer with everything possible attached to his truck and a few of my neighbors outside. He was driving to Kansas, apparently but in no shape to do so. I actually believe one of my other neighbors reported his license.

They have lived in our subdivision for 25 years since it was built. I feel awful for what he is going through and I hope he gets help but that was literally the scariest crap I have ever seen. Men with loaded guns on my yard, and under our deck with my baby inside. The poor kids across the street who love to go to his house when he's working outside saw it and are obviously traumatized. So, he's gone for now. How long? Who knows.

Then, I get a phone call today from a nurse at St. Luke's informing me on rabies and babies. Apparently, St. Louis has had 8 rabid bats reported so far this summer and we are a hot spot for the ugly suckers. So, now I have to decide if I should vaccinate my child or not.

Having a child puts all this into prospective for me and makes it all so much more complicated. I worry about him and of course my first priority is to keep him safe but why vaccinate him with FOUR rounds of shots if he doesn't have to have it. I have no clue what to do. We have a few pest control companies coming out and I guess we'll go from there.

So, if you are still here after that long drawn out craziness of my life, I applaud you, ha ha but seriously all I can say is at least there is never a dull moment. :)


Sarah said...

are you effing serious?! oh amy, you DO need a reality show!!

i feel like in the least, your neighbor story could have made an appearance on COPS or something. :)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I survived the post and had to even reread it a couple times becasue I could NOT believe it!!! HOLY crap. Your neighbor, I feel sorry for him but I hope he is gone for good for your case! And for the bat.....I have no idea what to do???????