Friday, August 13, 2010

The saga continues

(Way more thrilled than I was to be there. Hey, they had fishies!)

It has been a long damn week and luckily it is Friday (the 13th!)

I spent all day on the phone with Brady's doctor and Children's Hospital. It was a process (meaning I had to talk to the Communicable Diseases Dept several times, fun!) to get this all figured out but we eventually decided to vaccinate him.

The CDC recommends any child who has been in an area with a bat while sleeping get the shot. The CDC knows their stuff along withe Children's Hospital (one of the best!) so we felt confident this was the right choice even though it still didn't want to have to do it.

I was so nervous for him. I didn't know what to expect since everyone kept telling me that the shots were awful. I didn't want to do that to my child but if there was even a small chance of this causing Brady to get sick and have something that is not curable, I had to do it.

He is such an amazing little boy. You have no idea how proud and amazed I was at this little boy. It brings tears to my eyes to think about (which is small compared to what all these other sick kids at the hospital have to go though all the time and that hurts me for them and their mommies!)

They weighed him and measured him (22 1/2 pounds, 30 inches tall (90% percentile!) The dr talked to us about the process and then looked him over. She asked him to open his mouth and he did!!! He sat there quietly while she looked in his ears/nose/eyes like he was a pro at this. She laughed because she said, 'well, I was going to ask about development but I can see he is doing great!' Then, asked him if he was sure he was only 9 months. Made momma smile and he loved the attention! He went right to her! I think he might have gone home with her had I let him!

She had to hold him down for the first shot. It was an immunoglobulin which gives him antibodies he would need to fight off rabies. It was a very large dose but luckily for him he is young so he needs less than say I would (I would need 3-4 shots possibly.)

That meant a looooong big poke. He cried... hard. I wanted to pick him up and tell him I was sorry. The 2nd poke was quick, thankfully!

I took it hard because I know this was something he didn't HAVE to have per say. I know it was for his own safety but this one was different somehow. I know the whole situation was in no way my fault but I felt a sense of guilt that I cannot shake.

Afterwards, she brought him THREE stickers which he thoroughly enjoyed (um, they have puppies on them, that was the highlight of his day) and asked if he could have a sucker.

(Trying to decide what is more awesome, this tasty sucker or this tasty sticker of my favorite thing-doggies!!!)

Normally, I am a food snob when it comes to him and I said, "he can have whatever he wants."
If he could have talked and asked for a pony, I would have ran out and got him one.

I am such a sucker. Speaking of, I was given one too! :)

(Not gonna let this go. I had to later wrangle it from him!)

It's something about a piece of life that you cannot control to put a lot into prospective.

I am more than thankful that our trip to this hospital is going to be short lived. It made me think of all the kids there that have to go for the reasons they could. I saw a new mommy bringing pumped milk to her baby, a kid with an IV, and kids who might just be there for something like we were. There are so many sick kids in this world and I have to pat all the mommy's and daddy's on the back. You deserve a medal for anything you have to go through and I would hug you if I could.


Mrs. Dirnberger said...

You made the right choice momma!!! And what a cutie he is becoming (and has been)!!!

Sarah said...

okay, i'm crossing my fingers now that you have no more wild animal or crazy neighbor encounters, at least for a while.
happy weekend, amy.

Maria said...

I agree that you made the right choice. I'm glad that he did so well with it. Way to go Brady!!!

Mary said...

Whoa, I am just catching up and things have been nuts for you lately! Well, what else is new, I guess, right? Poor little Brady:( I've also heard rabies shots are terrible and I'm sure it was agonizing making that decision.

I don't know if I've already said this to you, but you should go buy lottery tickets because with all your crappy luck, something wonderful has to happen to you, right?