Thursday, August 26, 2010

<------currently in denial

My kid certainly is NOT ten months old today.


No way.

My baby is still a tiny, itty bitty baby. Not a TEN month old.

Nope. I refuse to accept it.

Thanks, blogger for sucking last night and not allowing me to upload any photos so I don't have to fully accept and come to terms with the fact that my baby is now ten months old.

Regular posting will continue once this mommy accepts reality.

A timeline cannot be put on this as all mom's may not accept reality at the same pace. This mom has just begun to accept the ninth month so it might be a while.


Jennelle said...

You know how you could fix your newborn baby longings? Have another! :D

I can't believe Brady is already 10 months old... Time is flying, and I'm sure it's going much faster in your eyes!!

Maria said...

Happy 10 months Brady boy!!!