Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm ready!

My goal this weekend was to get all the stuff I needed to get done and have it checked off my list! I overdid it, and blake put me on bed rest today (though I didn't mind spending my day off doing nothing!)

My bag is packed! Though, someone wants to go with me!

Too bad I can't take her with me.....

I bought the rest of the stuff we needed, though I am sure I'll think of 459 more things.
I finished a project for his room! I was worried how it would turn out and I think I like it! :)
I washed and hung all his clothes, blankets, bibs...etc!
I finished part of his alphabet wall. I don't really have the time or energy to do it the way I had wanted, but I kinda of improvised and like how it turned out. I am just waiting on getting the fabric sewn, pick up one more thing, and then I will share pictures!

I feel ready. Brady, you may come out and play now! Wow...this is real isn't it?


Lisa said...

what a cute picture! He'll be here before you know it!!

Anonymous said...

Oh you kitty is so cute! I have 2 cats - I'm so curious how they are going to do when our little baby comes home??

It's a great feeling to have it all done and just be ready and waiting huh? The waiting part gets old, heehee, but just knowing the you are ready is a relief. Enjoy your rest!!

Sarah said...

i don't think piper is going to want to share mommy time with anyone else! and i can't believe that you're getting so close to your due date!

Meredith said...


What all are you taking with you to the hospital? I love hearing the different things people are taking...I've gotten some good ideas that way!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Oh you are nesting!!! That is a good sign you are all ready to go:) I dont' have the energy yet to get it all done.

Katie said...

How sweet! It is so real now. I'm glad you are feeling ready for him to arrive! :)