Thursday, December 11, 2008


And i still haven't made a post all week?

This week has been insane. Blake and i woke up Tuesday with the stomach flu!!! BOOOO!

Last night, he pulls out pieces of paper with something on them. He goes, "Here's your Christmas present." Let me first say that Blake is notorious with not holding onto gifts very well! Each birthday, Christmas or holiday i have always got my present early. The day he bought my ring, he almsot gave it to me. Then the night before he gave it to me, he ALMOST woke me up at midnight to give it to me. While I don't mind this, he is the most difficult person to buy for.
Anyway, i look at the papers in disbelief. MY FREGGIN APPLIANCES! I know, this is the first sign that i am getting old but i have been wanting new appliances for eons. We talked about getting them, but maybe waiting till we were finished with other projects first. I am pretty excited! Saturday I will be anticipating their delivery like a kid on Christmas day!

On another note, for those of you who don't know, I work with kiddos with disabilities. I have come to the realization today that this world is not yet accommodating to kids like this. I can't go into details, but the atrocity that goes on in this state, in our city is absolutely ridiculous, even at places you would think would be safe.

I'll leave today on a pleasant note---tomorrow is FRIDAY! Wooohoo! (and the 1st annual STLWED Ornament Exchange! YAY!) I'll be there with bells on (well, not really bells, but you get the idea) and my yummy Artichoke Bruchetta!


Katie said...

What a nice husband to get you new appliances! I can't wait to see pics!

Have fun at the ornament exchange!

Jennelle said...

Yay for new appliances!

Mary said...

I would absolutely get excited over appliances. It's a sign of adulthood, I think;)

Trisha said...

Ummm. . .where the heck were you????