Saturday, December 13, 2008

I don't know if i should be mad, or laugh

I had a crap-tastic day yesterday, was dead tired, and just all out had a bad day. (I will spare you the details!!) I had just got home, and usually Piper greets me. I heard some noises in the room our Christmas tree (the one i am working on becoming our PINK AND GREEN tree, no, Blake did not have a say) is in. This is what I found. (I took it with my phone-notice the awful quality)

Yep, that's her in the tree. She has managed to knock down the few ornaments we have on the tree. BUT--after looking at her cute face, I found it hard to be mad. I wish i would have had time to get my camera because this was priceless. I am sure this will happen again.

Speaking of happening again, does anyone have any tips on how to keep her OUT of the tree?


LC said...

Hahah! That is so so cute!

Boyd Team said...

Aw! You know you could never be mad at little Piper!

My cat has been knocking off the bottom ornaments since we put our tree up. I finally got smart and took them off. I hope I don't turn that into an invite to climb the tree.

Sarah said...

haha, it IS hard to be mad at such a cute innocent face :)

i'm not sure it would be the BEST idea, with electrical lights and all, but we spray our cats with a waterbottle when they explore territories that should be off limits (ie, kitchen counters). i don't know if i'd spray the tree though.

Beckie said...

My BIL sprayed cologne on the tree and refreshed it every couple days and that helped keep his cats away from the tree.

Mary said...

Cats are so weird. And by that, I mean they are so different from what I'm used to. I can't imagine having an animal that climbs my (nonexistent) x-mas tree!

amy said...

it's really odd to me too! I have never had a cat before or really been around them, so its all new to me!