Friday, December 5, 2008

Fun places for free stuff

I have been (thank you blogger peeps) finding great blogs about saving money which some i have shared with you. I was ecstatic last night when i went grocery shopping. I spend 101 (and some change) and only paid 75+ some change last night. I saved $25.00. While part of it was a $10.00 off for the weekly Shop N' Save deal they have going, but I saved 15.00 in the coupons i had.

I had two coupons for free products which I got here at Vocalpoint. Sign up and they will send you things to try, or other fun things. I got a free coupon recently for a free box of Kashi fruit bars (they are YUMMY!) Join--you'll be happy you did. The site is chuck full of good info too! Also, when they send you coupons they send you ones to give to your friends! Your friends will love you!

The next place to check out is from General Mills. Psst. After I joined, I got a free box of chicken broth which i used to make the best chicken soup! I also got coupons and some to share! I also got free box of Macaroni Grills pasta!

Click here for Progresso coupons!

SheSpeaks is another good one as well!

Another one is Krafts First Taste

Hope you all enjoy your free and fun stuff! Next week, I will share some of my favorite freebie sites. My husband thinks it is halarious that i get stuff in the mail everday but after last nights shopping trip, he was pretty amazed.

On another note, i HAVE my proofs FINALLY! I got them two weeks ago, and have been too overwhelmed (and the files are too big so i have to upload them to photobucket or something) to post anything.


Nicole said...

My DH and I went on a HUGE grocery trip this week to really stock up on food and it was so funny, I ended up using like 25 coupons and he was so helpful in making sure we bought the right stuff for the coupons and trying to find the best deals! We're training them well!

I love all the free sample stuff too! I have been getting all kinds of stuff in the mail lately!

Sarah said...

holy crap, that is awesome. thanks so much for posting this info, i am checking out those links STAT! (money saved on food means we can spend more on wine and beer.. you bet i'm gonna be looking to save as much as i can!) :)

Maria said...

I'm going to check out that Vocalpoint site! :-)