Saturday, November 8, 2008

So, i've been a little MIA but i have a REALLY good reason!

Remember last week, when I posted this, about my awful intern experience?

Well. I have decided to change allergist. Not solely because of that but because i woke up Wednesday with a 103.0 fever. A headache that felt like i was having an aneurysm. I know, blame him? well, just wait......

It's kinda funny too because I ended up going to urgent care (the new one in kirkwood, i swear do they not teach bedside manner anymore? ) that same day because I wasn't feeling good anyway. Again, bad service. Take some protonix and give it two weeks (acid refux med). So, i went a head and called the doc. that she recommended because my pcp quit her practice, and I was doctor less. She was awesome! She wanted to run some blood test, and gave me a pneumonia shot (i know for old people but she likes to give them to people with asthma) and a flu shot. I woke up that night with a high fever and starting throwing up.

I called the doctors office to see if it was normal after a flu shot, and she called me back herself. Wow. She was thinking maybe i had caught something before i got the shot, and to see a doc if it didn't go away in the next day.

Fast forward to today, Saturday. I can barely move, my heads going to fall off. So blake takes me to urgent care. She tested me for the flu because my symptoms were on dead on. Then, the doc comes in and looks me over. Well, (and not to gross you out) but she says I have pus in my nose. Yes. You heard me.

So, i left with a diagnosis of a sinus infection gone bad, and left untreated for weeks, that didn't clear up on its own. What i dont't get is that effing allergist didn't bother to catch it when i went in for a chronic headache? I am beyond furious, missed work. I got home and took my antibiotics, and have actually been able to get up, and check email and catch up on life. I literally slept for two days straight. Luckily, i have a wonderful hubby who have been tending to my every want and need, but i think we both got a little freaked out because i have never been that sick ever.

I hope this makes enough sense as i am still a bit delirious, The sad thing is that this doc is rated top allergists, but to me this is indescribable, and this whole thing could have been avoided.

Ok, vent over. I just wanted to get the word out, to speak up when you don't feel like something is right. i should have the first time, but I will never let myself get into that situation again. As for my allergist, i will be contacting him to let him know how that care i received was awful. I understand that doctors need practice, but he should have looked at me as well.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. back to bed for me!


Mary said...

That sucks, Amy! In my experience, doctors these days are so reluctant to prescribe antibiotics that things like sinus infections can go untreated. When I get sick, student health tells me I have to be sick for a WEEK before they will consider giving me antibiotics. In the meantime, I'm miserable. I understand the rationale behind the problem with overprescribing antibiotics, but come on. You should have at least been examined thoroughly.

Maria said...

Holy crap Amy! You have been put through the ringer. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that. I am glad you are feeling better. Let us know what your allergist says once you contact him. I'm curious to hear his reply.

Shannon said...

Wow Amy that is awful! I would lose it with that office. How did he NOT catch that?

At least you were able to find a good PCP right?