Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Kreative man!

Thank to Lauren for giving me this award even though i am WAY behind in posting about it! I am supposed to say 6 things that I am thankful for. I know that most people say theirs husbands, family and friends, but that is obvious to me, so I'm going to be a little Kreative, lol.

1. Ice Tea--One of the goals of my life is to figure out how Bread Co. makes such good tea. I am SO picky about Ice T that I know where and where not to get it. (Pei Wei makes the most awesomest Orange Ice T......and Bread Co--Panera for you non-St. Louis-ans) I would die without my ice t. Really.

2. My animals. Blake things i am turning into the crazy animal lady because I love my animals like they are kids. I am also obsessed with all cute animals, and would have a zoo at my house if he let me. They show such an unconditional love that cannot be duplicated by humans. One of the best parts of my day, is coming home to be greeted by them, plus the fact that they are both cuddle-bunnies makes it even better! I am truly blessed to have them in my life

3. Good Health--I never appreciated life and the ability to do whatever you want the way I have since my car accident. I was lucky that I was not the middle of those two trucks that hit me, because i think things would have been a lot worse. While my back is still screwed up, I am lucky that I am healthy, and that i can walk! Its been a long road to recovery (i sound like an addict) but I am so thankful because things could always be worse!!!

4. Speaking of good health, I am thankful for the kiddos I work with. I see the struggles that their little bodies go through, and the pain they endure mentally and physically. They keep me grounded, and more thankful for the life I have been given.

5. My house--I love my house! I am lucky to have my own home as I know many people who are older who are not so lucky. While we have less money in our pockets (and bank accounts), it' OUR home, where we have and will make memories, and where our story begins.

6. The Internet---HA! I know but seriously, I have been introduced to the world of blogging, met some fun and cool people while planning my wedding, and have a world of knowledge at my fingertips. It gives me a way to keep in touch with those who I am not lucky enough to live near, and who I don't get to see often enough! What is not to love? It also was great during grad school because some of my classes were online! I seriously think the Internet is crucial to my survival, that and my ice tea (and my tivo! lol!!!)

So, I need to give out this award to some people.....

Mary; The Wishes and the Glitches; Jen; Amanda; Nicole; and to anyone else who hasn't yet been hit! :)

Hopefully, this is a new award for you all! It seems to have spread like wildfire!

And to the rest of you, Happy Turkey Day! Hope it is a day full of blessings, and good food! :)


Katie @ said...

I have a friend with tea preferences just like you. Her favorites are specific Sweet Teas from the south. I think I'll follow you instead. ;)

Ami said...

i'm so thankful for my internet friends too! it's so awesome to be a part of the blogging community.