Friday, November 14, 2008

A little of this and a little of that....

Thanks for the comments yesterday! I remember going through this right after I moved back home from college. It's funny sometimes I look around the house and go, this is our house, this is all of our stuff---I am all grown up. I know, i am almost 30 and I still think that....funny huh? Sometimes being grown up sucks, but most of the time its pretty damn nice! :)

* Today, I am in a great mood, I feel so much better! Finally! You don't really appreciate good health until you get sick.......

* My brother didn't end up getting his surgery. His hand actually was broken so they casted it first. Also, his eye is healing well. He will have to wear glasses but he won' t loose his sight in it--which is wonderful news! Thanks for the good thoughts!!

*We put Lily on a steroid Tuesday because she has been biting and biting at her feet like there is no tomorrow. I mentioned a few months ago she had a rash (which cleared up with benadryl), and our vet is sure its allergies. I hope it works for her, i know she is just miserable. She bites them until she cries sometimes, it just breaks my heart! I have noticed that after two full days of the steroid she isn't biting them as much, so I am hoping it works for her!

*Piper now weighs 3 1/2 pounds! My baby must be eating because she only weighed 2.10 last month! This is a pic of her from the vet office i took with my phone. She crawled up my neck into the hood of my sweatshirt. Tell me that isn't the cutest thing ever!

(sorry--you'll have to wait, as I'm having issues with blogger right now!)

*Anyone feel like Christmas is coming too soon this year?

This was one random post! Oh well! Have a great weekend everyone!

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N. said...

I'm glad you're in a better mood. Maybe it has a little something to do with it being Friday!!!
Glad to hear good news about your brother, and I'm hoping for some good news about Lily soon.
I can't wait to see cute Piper posts... and yes, Christmas, and even Thanksgiving, for that matter, are approaching waaaay too quickly!