Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tunica Recap!

We had a blast in Tunica. I don't have a lot of pictures because we gambled most of the time we were there, and I learned in college that you are NOT allowed to take pictures in casinos. (They almost ripped the camera out of my hands.)

Tunica is an EASY drive down 55. Then we get off this small road, and take it for about 25 miles. Part of it is well, kinda scary. Then, i saw this. I had to snap a pic of it.

If you can't read it---It's All Good Auto Sales. I love it!
This is what the sights driving down consisted of---Cotton. For some reason, i was highly entertained by this and wanted to touch it.......Blake wouldn't let me :)

I don't have a clue who and what this is.................
Ah---we made it!
The entrance to our hotel. We were going to stay at Harrah's but last minute Blake changed it because this hotel went down by like $200! I thought it was going to be POS, but actually it turned out to be okay!
Our room was small, but it was nice. I love this headboard!!!
A bad pic of the outside but the hotel was based off an old western and everything on the outside was to look like an old western town. It was cute. We stayed and played (lol) at our hotel on Friday. Saturday, we explored. We headed to Hollywood, then to Harrahs.
I didnt get any pics of us together but manage to get one of my SIL and our friend!

This is me after a few drinks, in the backseat of a car after a short drive. Again, easily amused.

I'm entertained way too easily because i found this exciting. It's an automatic toilet seat. I know, I'm amused too easily.

Here is my dear hubby, helping out his sis. Her feet apparently hurt.

Too bad, his zipper is down. HA!

All in all, it was a blast. We got to spend a lot of quality time together, so it was great. I was looking forward to more time together this weekend, but unfortunately, I'll be traveling a lone to this wedding. Booooo hoooo! I've been pouting since i found out (he got offered to do a job on Saturday making good money, that he couldn't turn down!) because i hate driving, and i am directionally challenged.

Wish me luck! (When you read this I'll already be in Chicago-land, thanks to the awesome-ness of scheduled postings!!!!)


Juan & Katie said...

I'm glad you had a good time!

I saw one of those toilet seat thingys too a few years ago at a Kentucky rest area. No worries, I was super excited too and took a picture.

Jenn said...

You crack me up!

And you should have felt the cotton! I do it everytime I go to TN (when it's in season anyway) It's so freaking soft!

Mary said...

Tunica looks like fun! Sorry you had to go solo to the wedding in Chicago.