Thursday, October 9, 2008

I have goals man....

I do, I really do. Remember yesterday how i said i wanted to eat better, and cook at home more? Well, last night hit up the grocery store and bought a TON of fresh veggies and fruits. Our fridge hasn't look so good and healthy in a while!

So, i decided I needed to add goals on here so that I actually follow it. :)

1. Eat at home at least 5 nights out of the week...that means I have to cook!
(or teach Blake how to!)
2. Only eat out at work a minimum of once a week
(this is going to be hard because we eat out way too much at work)
3. Eat more fresh foods
4. Eat less ''packaged" foods, and less of anything that is not fresh and processed .
(I made some shells and cheese the other day shop and save brand, and it was more florescent yellow than normal, and it clicked how bad this crap is for us)
5. No fast food
(and yet again, this is going to be hard. I used to NEVER eat ff until Blake....oh darn him!)
6. Join a new gym that is closer to home (which my hubby happens to be a member to)
7. Get to the gym at least 3 times a week (prefer 5 but we'll see how my back cooperates)
8. Try a new food each week (or recipe because it seems we eat the same crap over and over)
9. More veggies and fruit in our diets.
(I was good at this for a while in the summer but we hardly ever eat any veggies anymore!)
10. No more soda!
11. Drink more water

I used to be SO healthy, but i got busy with work, and school, and living with Blake for the past 4 years has really deteriorated my good eating habits. They are actually in our toilet now. Blake's doc told him the other day that quitting smoking and eating better would be really good for him so we are taking a step! (By the way, his great mood has gone down the crapper. Crappy nicotine withdrawal Blake is back.....hopefully for not very long!)

Wish us luck!


LucyinStLou said...

Those are great goals. Good luck! And I think cooking something new (as long as it's easy), a few nights a week is a great goal. Even "bad" foods that are homemade are better for you than those from a restaurant. Enjoy!

mxq said...

i hear you!!! loud and clear! hubby and i just sent these goals together a few weeks ago. I am really hoping my waistline see more results soon!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I know what it is like to quit smoking and it is very hard and you have to be very dedicated! I know for support my hubby would send me hard candy or suckers to work with a note that said "You can do it"!!! It was super sweet! With something in my mouth or hand like candy I didn't get the urge to smoke :)

Mary said...

Hey Amy,

Just catching up on the last few. Congrats to Blake for quitting smoking! I hope he sticks with it-he can do it!

After a very unhealthy summer of eating, I'm trying to get back on the bandwagon too. Good luck and keep us posted how you're doing on your goals!

Jennelle said...

Ugh, we are trying to work on these goals, too. Post your ideas and progress for the rest of us! :)

Wishing Willow said...

Hi there,

You won my Cathy Nichols' Giveaway :) I can't find an email address, so I'm writing here. Hopefully you'll get this! Email us your shipping address, so we can send you your print.

Happy day to you,


Amanda, Mandy, Manda, Tomato said...

Good luck! Those are some tough goals but I know you can do it!