Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thursday blog finds......on Sunday!

I said I'd do this weekly and last week i forgot. Oops!

1. This isn't a blog but someone forwarded this to me and its a great ol idear. If you have old pots and pans, or even spatulas, and waffle pans, they will re-coat anything!

2. This is one of the many infertility/baby-making blogs i read. I dont know why but this one is so honest, and well written. Antigone Lost.

3. This next one I have been following for a while. This Young House. One couple, one house, and tons of projects. They have been getting a ton of national recognition--even from HGTV! There is a lot of good stuff here.....and the couple is adorable! It's kinda what i feel like we are doing to OUR house. :)

4. The word says it all---DesignSponge. Good stuff.

5. I have a ton of photographers on my Google reader, from wedding, to kids, to families, to odd things! TonyandCo. And her little girls are adorable!