Friday, May 16, 2008

what i learned on my honeymoon...........

Blake and I went to Riu in Ochos Rios, Jamaica. It was beautimus, and the people were beyond nice. We still had fun, even though it wasn't what we thought our honeymoon would be like--and that brings me to the first thing-- this was us on our first day in Jamaica----and basically blake's last.

Always listen to your wife, she is ALWAYS right. Before the wedding, i kept telling Blake to go tanning. Did he listen? NO!

and this is what happened........well, sorry for the crappy sideways pics but his whole body was completely fried after our first day there! He had such a bad sunburn, and was in so much pain, and eventually developed nasty blisters, we finally made a trip to the 'doctor.' well, we go inside, and there indeed is no doctor, but a nurse. We could give them our credit card and a doctor could be called....yes....anyway, the nurse tells him it's bad, and to stay out of the sun. Great. It's our HM we are in paradise, and he can't enjoy it. So, moral of the story is listen to your wife. And don't go to Jamaican docs.

Since Blake couldn't make it to the beach, I went out by myself, I brought the beach to him. (sorry for sideways pic again, i have no idea how to fix it right now....)

I won a bottle of rum by tossing a ring onto it, and oddly enough i was given a coconut too....i can now say that i have drank out of a coconut. sweet.

Notice, how excited he looks, and how he is burnt in an odd way. I think he might have spelt out something with his burn.........

When you ask other people to take a picture of you, random people, make sure you tell them how to work the camera........otherwise you get pics like this because they had the camera backwards.

Jamaican breakfast is awesome....they had crepes--yum, but my three favorites were right here. Fresh mango's, and fried crap (doughnuts, and hash browns...there's fruit so it's healthy)

Here goes the damn sideways pics again, but i need this machine. Anyone know where i can get me one? They make coffee, but the best part is that it makes this mocha thing that is like the bestest thing in the world.

See....even blake agrees!!

In Jamaica, everything is in English---the people that live there are extremely nice. They definitely are more laid back and have the 'no problem' attitude. I bought this and had to give it to blake. it was too cute!

Now, the next lesson is one that we learned on the way back to the airport, we can thank our bus driver for this one. Avoid riding in buses/cars/taxis that Jamaicans drive bc i thought we were going to die! He was driving a bus with about 20 people on it and not only was he on his cell phone, but he also was fooling with this thing, while driving probably wonder we almost got into an accident. (Seriously, he slammed on his breaks and we all screamed, and luggage went flying. He felt the need to report the car in front of him to the police. Apparently, it is legal to drive like a maniac)

So you ask, what movie was so important he had to watch while driving around scared Americans? well, lucky for us, it was more for his listening pleasure than his viewing was R&B's greatest slow jams. Yes, you heard me right.

Now, this might be a weird coincidence but this was plastered inside of the bus. what do you think of when you think of Bob Marley?

Speaking of illegal things..........

Apparently, this is where you go if you need to purchase them..........

Food cooked on the beach in a giant pan is really really good..... here he is making Paella. Seafood, and rice.

This one has no real lesson other than don't drink and dress up (this hat has a great story behind it and was a part of our best man's awesome speech), maybe ill share it later.....

This salad was lesson learned but it was good

Jiggy coffee is not a kind of coffee, well, it kind of it. it's coffee with rum in it--that's why it makes you feel so silly.......

So, your sunburned, its your last day, and you try to make it outside to enjoy your honeymoon. And you wear this shirt........not only is it nice and dark, but it says "Stand back, I don't know how big this thing gets." Makes great jokes for the Jamaicans!

Jamaica really is beautiful........and i found a spot for my new home....


Who wants to go with me???

Lastly, one of the most important things i learned, well, it speaks for itself

All in all, it was a blast despite Blake's 'issues', and we got a chance to act like honeymooners. I stole a kiss from Blake while he ha food in his mouth, apparently the janitor thought it was interesting........

Going home sucks........................


Julia said...

OMG. Blake's burn is so freaking funny and sad and painful and definitely something that would happen to us. At least you made the best of it! The trip looks heavenly.

Nicole said...

Oh man, what a bummer about his sunburn!

We didn't have much to show from our trip because we wore SPF 45 pretty much the whole time but low and behold, we didn't burn at all!

That really sucks... he did not look very happy! The Jamaicans are crazy, and especially the drivers! Our experience was almost identical (i.e. brakes and luggage flying everywhere!)!

It definitely sucks to leave paradise and come home!

At least you got to enjoy the beach though!

Maria said...

Oh, that sunburn on Blake looks painful. Poor guy! It looks like you guys made the best of it though. Great pictures!!!