Thursday, November 15, 2007


We met with the priest that is marrying us tonight for the 2nd time. The first time, he had us do the FOCCUS test. (It's a Catholic thing..) I made it through the test but not without chuckling to myself (Are you afriad to see your spouse naked?) Well, tonight we went over the results, and i have to say, we are awesome! Just kidding, but we answered most of the questions the same, which was not too suprising. It was just wierd yet exciting that we were sitting in a room with this priest, talking about my expectiations about marriage, love, and parenting. It just kind of reminded me that this whole wedding thing is real!! We are getting married in less than 6 months! I love it when Blake says, "it's coming up pretty fast," but it really is!!!! Blake amazes me day-to-day...(I won't be too mushy, i promise!) I truly think we could not be more perfect for eachother. Ok, I will stop with the mushiness!

So onto something else: my new favorite thing wedding related is my ring bearer pillow! (Naw, me addicted to wedding stuff, no way. I can stop at any time!) It is obviously my favorite two colors (does it scream girly or what?) green and pink! I love it, I bought it from an Etsy seller: MondeDesign....I may be kinda biased but i think it came out absolutly perfect and gorgeous!!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the pillow!!

Jennifer and Brian said...

I love your RB pillow. If my mom wouldn't have made ours, I'd have had Shelli do them in a heart beat!