Friday, November 30, 2007

The case of the missing pillow....

There has been a horrible horrible crime. I am offering a reward. My beloved ring bearer pillow has come up missing. I am willing to offer you a trade. Who ever stole it, (that includes me, who might have misplaced it while cleaning. Note to self. Drinking large quantities of wine+cleaning=bad idea) please return it to its rightful owner. I am crying myself silly (that is probably because i am hungover, at work and thinking about the paper i have due tomorrow that i haven't even started on)

It is an adorable pillow, about 6 by 6? Green with pink bow, OH and it says,

Amy and Blake
may 3, 2008.

So, if you stole it. It has my name on it. It won't be very useful to you. So, give it back or I will hunt you down and do something really mean. (well, probably not, but I'd like to think i would)

Please don't hurt it. It's an innocent victim in this horrible crime.


Jennifer and Brian said...

Oh no! Has it found it's way home yet???

Amy said...

Ahhh! I finally found it!!! It's a miricle.