Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My wish list

  • We just bought a house and we've already done ALOT of work to it but it still needs a lot of TLC. (like installing a bathroom and remodeling the one we have)
  • IPOD: Seriously, everyone seems to have one but me. Kids that can barely walk have one, but not me. :(
  • A new dining room table
    I have had my eyes set on this for a loooong time, from World Market. Too bad they don't have a registry because I'd be ALL over that!
  • Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue or Armani Mania Perfume. I am almost out and i am going to cry.
  • Jeans. I am in love with jeans (esp AG, Citizens, chip n pepper and sevens!). I want like ten pair, i love them sooo much. Here is a few i love:

A Juicy Tote

:) I know, no BMW under my tree!

Ok, enough...not to sound greedy! :) Hehe. I love love christmas and giving presents but im so not into it this year. maybe because its just the beginning of the season or im paying for this thing...what was it again? Oh, yes, my wedding! HA. Maybe I will decorate the house this weekend to get me in the spirit.


Nicole said...

Oooh! Those jeans are fab!!!!

Stephanie said...

I love those jeans! And, everything else on your list... :)