Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm getting on the bandwagon!

So it seems that everyone and their brother, mother and even great-grandma has a blog. I figured, hey, why don' t I start one too! I am a busy girl....I work full-time with kids with disabilities, am working on my certification and masters in Early Childhood Special Ed, and planning my May 2008 wedding! Life goes by faster than you know it. I don't think we appreciate the little things in life. Like good weather. Ever since I got engaged, I have become obsessed with the weather. When it rains on a Saturday, I think of all the brides who probably prayed for no rain. I did that this week. All week long, the forecast showed chances of rain on Sunday. Well, it didn't rain. We took our engagement pics, and in fact, it was absolutely gorgeous! I prayed to the lil baby jesus, way up in heaven for no rain....and it worked. We kissed, held hands and smiled for the camera under the blue skies. We even took our pup, Lily too! She was pretty damn good too! Anywho....I am a pretty happy person most of the time. I do have my share of crabbiness or bitchiness but for the most part I am happy! I have a lot to be thankful for you know. A job, a roof over my head, cute shoes! LOL! I just think life should be appreciated.....ya know!

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The Flirty Girl said...

Welcome to my world :o)

Working in the wedding industry I do the same thing about the weather, no matter where in the country it is. If I see a news story about a rain/wind/snow storm on a Saturday? My first thought is always "Oh those poor brides" especially when it happens as a fluke during the summer because you just know it's messing up someone's wedding day. I always wish/pray/hope for clear weekends and rain Monday-Friday :D

Congrats on your engagement and for taking up blogging! It's a blast. Your blog is gorgeous. I love the colors.

Thanks for the link back to my blog too! I appreciate it.

The Flirty Girl