Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's that time of the year again...

I cannot fathom how quickly life is flying by...i remember when we got engaged people would tell me to enjoy it because it goes by so fast...and it is. It's already the holiday season. I know this because
a) Starbucks has their red cups out
b) the stupid commercials about Black Friday (and if i hear that girl's voice in the Toys R' US ad one more time....I may chuck something at my TV)
c) Oprah's Fav Things Show (and yes, i did want to chuck things through my TV while watching that too, i mean, who know, i could fall in love with a fridge?)

Anywho, it's Turkey day in a few days and I have had a really wonderful year (finally!!!) I truly am blessed and thought I'd make my own little list of what I am thankful for:

  1. My family and friends: Growing up and getting older teaches you what is important in life. You truly find out who is really your friend (and who isn't.) I took a lot for granted for a while, as many of my friends are spread out around the country! (Can't wait for them to be in one place...at one time!!!) Plus, family is family. They may be crazy, or wierd but they are family.
  2. Blake: I complain more than anyone I know and for him to sit there and listen to it on a daily basis makes him almost a saint. ;) I love him to pieces!
  3. A roof over my head, clothes on my body and food to eat.
  4. My life. My job shows me the pain people experience, i mean working with kids with disabilities is the most rewarding job i could find myself doing, but seeing, and hearing their stories can be heartbreaking, but seeing the courage and determination in their eyes is truly amazing.
  5. My puppy...she is my baby, and even when we have human babies, she will always be my first baby!
  6. TV (i know, silly huh?) Our electric went out the other night for a few hours, and it sucked but it made me remember how simple life is and how it used to be, plus i am addicted to several shows (um, grey's, the office, and nip/tuck)
  7. The Internet--I am serious! I communicate with those i love, miss and reconnect with old friends and family. It's amazing to find all that in one place. seriously cool. why didn't i invent it?
  8. caffeine: i am dead serious here. my life is damn busy and i cannot live without a daily dose of my dear friend. i know its not healthy but crap, i need it!

    That's all i got for now, i am sure there is more but I just watched the follow-up to the Bachelor and I'm tired, and as confused as those poor girls. (don't get me started on that topic, baby!)

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