Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Catch up.

Right now, I'm pretty pumped it is no longer January. It was a rough month with sicknesses and February is a step closer to Spring. I just wish Spring wasn't a step closer to a certain little boy's birthday! I know it was a crazy month  and we lost almost two weeks with the plague but I can't believe January is long gone. I swear I blinked and another month is over!

 Since my last post, things got more chaotic and I was pretty sure I was close to losing my mind--another Urgent Care visit for Benny, breathing treatments and then a lovely ER visit. I think the good thing about all the visits in January is our deductible is met (or at least close to!)

 Last Sunday, Ben started throwing up. I thought it was from coughing but then it kept happening. It was awful. At one point, he just couldn't stop, it was like he could hardly catch his breath between and once it was like he was going to pass out! He was so worn out, poor guy! Then, he started throwing up bright green. I kinda started to worry since he wasn't even acting like himself and then it changed colors.  I called the exchange and being that he was only throwing up for a short time, they were concerned and wanted him to be seen. I was a mess. Poor Blake was sick himself so I was worried about driving with him in the backseat alone but luckily, he didn't throw up on the way to the hospital but started up as I pulled in and as we walked inside. They did x-rays to make sure there was no blockage (which they said could explain the neon puke!) and luckily, it was okay. As he was getting the xray, all I could picture in my head was the millions of things that he could have eaten but with Blake sick too, I knew he had a virus! We tried to get some Pedialyte in him but he refused it. I joked that it was probably the most expensive bottle I'll ever pay for but after some Zolfran, you could just tell he was feeling better which after a week of sicknesses, the poor baby deserved some relief. He must have some buff antibodies now right?

Thanks to the antibiotic and the stomach bug, we then dealt with a food strike. He wouldn't eat anything that didn't come out of a nipple! He despised the antibiotic (for the ear infections) and would look at me in horror as I tried to give it to him! When he would eat anything (except for milk,) he would gag on it sometimes it was so bad I considered giving him the Heimlich. We are finally (as in the past two days) getting to the point where he will eat purees again without gagging. I feel like at this point with Brady, he was eating all kinds of stuff and here were are, back at square one again.

Food stuff. That's the small stuff. I'm just so happy to see him smiling and happy again.
Look, I got the real camera out! Oh and Yep. Still no toofies either. I think Brady got his first one at 8 months so I'm sure it's coming!

In between the sickies, I decided potty training was happening! He is doing pretty well peeing in the potty but well, the other part might take a while! I will say, potty training sucks. It's not fun, it's messy and it just sucks. Brady is so funny about it. Every time he has to pee, he screams, 'I'm about to pee!' It's crazy how grown up they seem once they are in undies. Sniff.

We heard from the Endo that Benny's levels were a bit off so we need to retest him to see if we need to up his meds. Yipee. Great timing, being that he is supposed to have surgery this month, which can't happen if he is still testing hypo (meaning his meds are needing to be adjusted due to his growth!) Boo. We'll find out this week if we need to reschedule or not.

With the sicknesses, I've missed a lot of work so I barely have time at work to do anything but work. Ben was of course, held a lot more since he was so sick for so long and it's not helping his severe attachment to me! I'm not kidding you. It's freak out city if I walk out of the room and as soon as I walk towards the door, the crying starts. He's had some rough days even at Nana's and at the sitter's which sucks to know your kid cries most of the day. It sucks more so when you know all he wants is you. These are things you have no idea how much they suck till you are there. The poor sitter deserves a medal for taking good care of him, I swear. I love that he loves me so much but I can't wait for him to be able to relax a bit without me! Sigh.I guess I'll just plan on going to college with him. I hope his wife won't mind living with us too! I just hope he decides that he can sleep at bit better by then!

Through all of the crazies,  I had a brief panic attack realizing my baby is almost 8 months old. He started pulling up recently and I feel like his first year is flying by. I need it to slow down. I desperately need it to slow down.
Gosh. I know I said this on IG and I have to say it again. After all the sicknesses, after the long days at work worrying if Bennett's still crying and the lack of sleep, I see this. I see these two and everything just instantly feels better. I smile and I am reminded, life is good. 


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Carrie said...

Oh. My. Goodness. What a horrific month. Poooooor Benny. Poor Mama. Glad everyone is on the mend!

Julia said...

Holy crappy month!! Wow. I'm glad you all survived. Being a working mom with sick kids is the hardest. And I have a baby that cries at daycare drop off and is generally attached to me at all times. So so hard!!