Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What's happening 'round here.

I found an old photo album and realized my kids are actually mine. This look a lot like Benny but I see Brady in this picture too. It's funny because when I was about a year old, I was pretty tiny and I'm starting to guess Benny takes after me more than I thought!

Potty training. This is my least favorite 'milestone' in parenting but I am so thrilled to not have to buy diapers anymore for him! Surprisingly, it hasn't ben too rough and I think it's more because we let him be ready. I mean, I've tried here a few times and he just wasn't ready but then a kid at the sitter's started and he decided he wanted to go too. The kid let us know plenty of times he wasn't ready, trust me, ha! The biggest issues we've faced were 1) poopin' in the potty and 2) wanting to wear pull-ups instead of undies. We've tackled both this week. Whew.

I just can't believe how much older and grown up he seems now. I about cried when I thought that he is almost 3 1/2 and I'm looking into signing him up for preschool in the fall. Seriously?!?

I believe the only reason he decided to start was that he was promised a bounty of the one and only, Buzz Lightyear.

In that same note, you are invited to the 324,392th screening of Toy Story at our house. Seriously. Thank to this movie, my kid now knows the words idiot and stupid as it was demonstrated when Bennett knocked over his train track. He looked at him and goes, "Don't mess up my tracks you stupid baby!" My head spun around what felt like 360 degrees! I was cleaning the kitchen while he was watching it during his 'nap time' (what are naps?) and heard Woody call someone an idiot myself. Thanks, Disney. Thanks, a lot!

Speaking of the things this kid says, he is hilarious. I love this age, though the 1,000 of questions I get a day drive me insane sometimes but he cracks me up. I was talking to him on the phone on the way to work on Friday. He goes, "Mommy, come out of the phone and open my banana!" Made my whole day.

Bennett thinks he's a big kid. Standing up and cruising and stuff. He is something else.

He is a totally different baby the last two weeks. Happy, ALL the time. He still cries when I drop him off at the sitters but he doesn't cry ALL day anymore! You have no idea how happy this makes this momma!

Sigh. He was supposed to have surgery tomorrow. Key word supposed to. If you remember, he has something called, hydrospadias where his urethra is not in the 'right' spot and it was to correct it but he came down with yet another cold and since it's not an 'urgent' surgery, they want the babies to be 100% when they go under anesthesia. I can't say I'm too upset since I was a nervous wreck, ok, a HOT mess this week thinking about it and as an added bonus, we are about to get 'Snow/ice-megeddon.'

I was freaking out as it was because the pre-op instructions told us no nursing after 4:30 am. No clear liquids after 8:30 am. Clear liquids meant Pedialyte which if you remember from the ER visit went SO well. I could NOT imagine how I was going to deal with him wanting to nurse and not being able to. The thought makes me cry to think of denying food to him when he's hungry. It will be something we deal with next month but hopefully we'll have a better time of day that we will be scheduled for which could make it a bit easier. 

So....while it is basically putting off something that I am so ready to get over, I'll spend tomorrow without worry, which is the best place to be, right?

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Susan said...

Ha ha! You crack me up!

Thanks a lot Disney! :P