Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The daycare plague

The past few weeks? Hardly no blogging, Google reader is behind in epic proportions and I think the only pictures I have taken were with my phone.  I love instagram but I need to get my real camera out soon! Why the craziness? One simple explanation. Daycare.

Three weeks ago, my boys started going to an in-home daycare three days a week! I was so happy I found someone, plus she is literally down the street, less than FIVE minutes away. There are very few kids that go and I thought this would be perfect! I knew they would be sick more often and catch things they normally haven't since well, we have been SO lucky so far and Brady has hardly been sick in the past 3 years. Lucky. Spoiled.

The first week, he got a cold. The cold got better but the cough lingered for a while.

Thursday, I picked him up and he was super cranky which I blamed on the fact that he hadn't napped. Friday, he wasn't himself. He had gotten up at 4:30 am and never went back to sleep so we thought some of his behavior was due to being up all day and not napping. If you have a toddler, you get how bad that can get and know exactly what I mean.

Here is where it started sucking. Things got scary. He was talking weird and doing this odd thing with his eyes, almost like they were going to roll back into his eyes. We literally thought it was because of exhaustion because what 3 year old gets up at 4 am and doesn't crash at some point?
He didn't fell warm then but when I put him to bed a while later, I decided to take his temp and low and behold he had a fever. 102. Needless to say, he ended up in bed with me.

He woke up Saturday morning in good spirits but that quickly changed and as the day went on and the scary stuff started again. I took his temp and it was 104.5! I decided to take him to Urgent Care thinking he had bronchitis or something. After a two hour wait and a negative strep test, they told us they were treating him for Strep. Um, Ok? We could call in a few days for the culture but looking at his symptoms, she was sure it was strep.

After a few does of the antibiotic, he was back to his old self!

Then, last night, after going back and forth, I sent him to the sitters for a while. He was a whiny mess when I picked him up since he didn't nap and fell asleep on the couch for a short time. He woke up in hysterics. I looked at him and his face was bright red and he looked off. I tried to get some food in him and all he wanted was his jammies on and head to bed. I took his shirt off and noticed his entire body was covered in an awful rash. A million things ran through my mind and I called the doctor's exchange. I had a feeling it was the antibiotic. I just knew. Luckily, even though the rash was awful, he wasn't having trouble breathing or anything and made an appointment for them to come in the next day.

Yep. Momma was right. It wasn't a strep rash, in fact, he didn't even have strep! Whatever it was, he was definitely allergic to the antibiotic Urgent Care prescribed! Poor Benny's ear were both infected, which I knew something was up with him and noticed he was pulling at one of his ears. I was sure we were going to miss out on the whole ear infection thing but low and behold, here were are. 

So....antibiotics for you, you, and YOU! Just don't give Brady any Keflex or any of those in that family. 
Things I've learned about sick kids. 
Even my kid who is not really that cuddly, wants nothing more than that when he's sick. He even wanted to hold my hand while he slept.
Wine is never enough.
Lots of coffee is definitely not enough.

Germs suck.
Seeing your babies that sick is scary, sad, heartbreaking and so much more.
Fever Bugz are awesome. (I found them at Walgreens.)

The health of my babies is nothing ever to take for granted.


Carrie said...

Oh my gosh!! So sorry you guys have to go through this. I relate to this post in so many ways. Urgent care kinda sucks, Will has a 'cillin' allergy (learned the hard way after developing a rash), sick kids are so sad. Thanks for the suggestion on Fever-Bugz - will definitely check it out! Hope everyone is better soon!

Julia said...

Ugh, hate sick babies!!! It's so sad and I just tell myself that at least we are getting some of these immunities built up now versus when they are in school?